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1040NR -The taxpayer lives in Thailand

  • 1.  1040NR -The taxpayer lives in Thailand

    Posted 04-07-2019 13:02
    Hello All:

    I have a client who is a resident of Thailand. In previous years he
    filed form 1040 but he has not stepped foot into the US in years. He
    is actually in a nursing home.

    His only income is from US sources is the following:
    Pension -1099-R $10,000
    SSA 1099-$14,000

    I read that the US & Thailand has a treaty for the pension where it
    will not be taxed on the Form 1040NR but the SS income is not part of
    that treaty.

    Has anyone dealt with a similar situation? Will he pay 30% tax on his SS income?

    Joanne Paniccia, CPA