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Recommend you go to the IRS e-services site now before busy season

  • 1.  Recommend you go to the IRS e-services site now before busy season

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    Posted 11-20-2018 12:03

    We have previously advised all members to enroll in and use IRS e-services.  I recommend that everyone go to the IRS e-services site now before busy season to try to get a transcript for any of your clients for whom you have a POA.  I did this and found some issues.  I'm happy I did this now when I am not under the crunch time.

    I logged into e-services two weeks ago but wan unable to access individual transcripts.  Meanwhile I got a solicitation from Canopy to pull transcripts for free.  They were also unable to pull individual transcripts for me and could not tell me why they were having a problem.  I called the e-services help desk at 7:30 AM (EST) and got an assister within 1 minute.  We went through my account and she told me (incorrectly) that I had to use the old internet explorer.  She said that Chrome, Yahoo and Microsoft Edge would not work.  I thanked her and got off the call.  I called back ½ hour later (8:00 AM) and had to wait 30 minutes to get someone to pick up.  She was more knowledgeable and looked at my account.  It turns out that when I renewed my e-services account last year (which I did with e-services help) they dropped my access to individual transcripts.  This was updated and corrected.  I was also reminded that I cannot pull my own transcript using TDS.  I can only pull transcripts for clients for whom I have a valid POA with the CAF unit.  Once I got this all corrected, the e-services TDS is an easy system to use.  But I again want to suggest that you do this now so that you have fewer issues during busy season.  I also want to remind everyone that it takes a few business days for a POA to get posted to the CAF system, so plan ahead.  

    Sanford Zinman
    Tarrytown NY