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DC Statutory resident?? Credit to home state?

  • 1.  DC Statutory resident?? Credit to home state?

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    Posted 04-10-2019 20:26

    Four days to go, but who's counting!!


    Here's question that just came up..

    Fact pattern:

    Husband and wife have their home in CT. Husband works for the federal government and has an apartment in DC. He is in DC during the week (therefore more than 183 days) and spends weekends in CT.

    Is he a statutory resident of DC? If yes, does he get a credit on CT taxes for taxes paid to DC?

    I am guessing the answers are yes and no, but not sure if DC is a different animal than say CT or NY.

    Any insight is appreciated.

    Good luck the rest of the way!!


    Paul Herman

    Herman & Company CPA's, PC