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NYS extension penalty partnership

  • 1.  NYS extension penalty partnership

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    Posted 09-25-2018 10:37

    We obtained a new partnership client at the extension deadline.

    We had assisted in the past providing NYS extension forms.

    The client requested that we handle the partnership filing for 2017.

    They would prepare the US extension, they needed us to prepare the NYS form.

    We did and forwarded the form and mailing instructions to them.


    This partnership is being handled by a senior person who is trying to slow down, which is why we are being brought in.

    They assumed, despite the email with the form and instructions to file, that we had filed the extension electronically.

    US extension appears to have filed timely.


    NYS has assessed a penalty.

    Is there a one-time, relief or a mercy request that can be filed under these circumstances?

    If so how?


    Any assistance is appreciated.