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NYS Online Services Problem

  • 1.  NYS Online Services Problem

    Posted 02-09-2018 07:05
    I heard the same complaint yesterday from another practitioner chat board I'm on regarding the inability to easily log in and perform whatever you got there for.
    My suggestion is that NCCPAP not only advise Acting Commissioner Nonie Manion regarding this - but suggest that for ALL DTF related issues involving practitioners in communications issues, the DTF set up a Practitioner Advisory Group to consult with prior to implementing any major change in DTF's operations and to test out the system before launching it.
    If IRS has numerous advisory groups, why can't NYS?

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  • 2.  RE: NYS Online Services Problem

    Posted 02-11-2018 14:20
    This may be totally unrelated, but.....was having very similar problems in Florida accessing state sites and paying taxes.  Turned out I had to use Windows Explorer instead of Chrome