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Lacerte Tax Software

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    Posted 02-10-2018 15:16
    I dont know if anybody else is having trouble with Lacerte tax software.
    Every time i call its an hour wait.
    Whats up??????????

    Kenneth J Zweibel, CPA
    631-368-5808 Fax
    516-639-0858 Cell

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    Posted 02-17-2018 15:18

    My call was answered in a couple of minutes.

    76 minutes later nothing useful.




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    Posted 02-18-2018 03:08
    I use their sister Pro Series and the wait this year is unacceptable.  I waited a few days ago on hold for 80 minutes for them to pick up.
    When the rep. finally picked up, the first thing she said was, sorry for the long hold time.  She advised that management didn't realize how many new customers came aboard and did not have enough trained people to handle the call load.  Poor excuse, a huge company like Intuit should be able to anticipate their needs.  I called three times this season and always at least an hour wait.  In past years i don't believe the wait was much more than 20 minutes, tops.

    Another interesting item, both Lacerte and Pro Series did not carry over the driver's license data from 2016 to 2017.  They advise in accordance with NYS income tax, NYS was one of the three states that did not allow this information to be carried over from 2016 through 2017.  I read the NYS publication and this is what is stated.  However, colleagues using Ultratax and Profx advise me that, the information did rollover to 2017.

    Benjamin Stern
    Great Neck NY

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    Posted 02-19-2018 17:20

    I pay around $375 or so a year for QuickBooks Pro Advisor-QuickBooks Premiere Accountants Edition. I call I get a workable/usable answer in a relatively reasonable amount of time. I pay $10,000 or so a year for Lacerte and when I call for telephone support, I wait an hour our more before someone (who doesn't have a clue) to get on the phone and waste my time. Something is obviously broken at Intuit for sure.


    Only the best, Ed Heben


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    Posted 02-19-2018 20:29
    I love Lacerte software but, in my opinion, their support has always stunk to high heaven.

    Sheldon Clark
    Clark and Company
    Pittsburgh PA

  • 6.  RE: Lacerte Tax Software

    Posted 02-20-2018 09:23
    NYS rejected e-filed return because "primary driver license/state ID number formatted incorrectly".
    Lacerte has no solution, told me they had to contact NYS for info. Anyone else with same problem.


    Arnold A Fink CPA

  • 7.  RE: Lacerte Tax Software

    Posted 03-06-2018 12:39
    You probably figured this out by now but ProSeries does carry over NYS driver license info but you have to manually go in an delete all but the first three characters of the document number for correct formatting