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Nexus - Income and Sales tax

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    Posted 07-11-2019 11:30
    Hi All:

    Do you know of anyone who does nexus reviews at a reasonable rate? I have several clients with possible multistage exposure...  for example, a custom publisher in NY with clients all over the country.  sometimes they send only digital files, but often they contract with printers in various states.  they have writers and photographers (1099) in various states...  etc etc...   the dollars are not huge, but I am concerned...

    I'd love a referral!


    Katharine G. Herman, CPA
    33 Crescent St
    Groton Long Point, CT 06340
    722 Commerce St
    Thornwood, NY 10594
    (t) (914) 693-6058
    (f1) (866) 462-7545
    (skype) kate.herman