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1.  Need help with OIC

Posted 10 days ago
I was asked by a client to help with an Offer in Compromise.  I have not done one in many moons.  Can someone come on board as back up, to review my work, or take over the case?  I have discussed this with the client and they are willing to go along with this.

I can be reached at 718-253-298.


Frimette Kass PHD
Frimette Kass CPA
Brooklyn NY

2.  RE: Need help with OIC

Posted 9 days ago
​Hello Frimette,

I am an Enrolled Agent with many years of successful Offer in Compromise cases. I will be more than willing to discuss the case with you.

If you should decide to work with me, I have found it best to deal directly with the client as there are many different steps in preparing an Offer. In fact, during that preparation it may be determined that the probability of having an Offer accepted is low and may not be worth submitting.

My first task is to review and determine the amount and strength of the Offer. If we have a good case, we will proceed. If not, I will be the first to look at alternative means of solving the problem.

Unfortunately, I will be on vacation next week. If you'd like to reach out to discuss this, please call asap.


Louis A Papaleo


Louis A. Papaleo, MBA EA
Papaleo and Company
3010 Westchester Ave Suite 200
Purchase, NY 10577