Carla Caldwell

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Carla Caldwell is the founder and CEO of Caldwell Consulting & Training. She strategically guides accounting teams to become a modern practice.

Carla works with accounting firms to implement the tools and processes that help them be more successful. Focusing on the strategic goals of the firm, she provides coaching to individual leaders in the organization that may be transitioning from “doer” to leader. These leaders learn Carla’s systematic approach to implementing change in the accounting services team whether they are revamping processes to fully utilize the team, or implement apps to fulfill their goals and scale the business unit.

Carla also creates and delivers customized training programs for the entire accounting services team with an emphasis not just on functional operation of an app or process, but also incorporates the vision of the firm and a little humor as she engages the team. She serves as a change agent for the leadership of the firm, helping to shift the mindset of the team as they learn.

Her company, Caldwell Consulting & Training, is also an accounting & bookkeeping firm which works with business owners (especially nonprofits) to bridge the gap between growing business and specific accounting solutions, utilizing the same leadership, processes, and technology in her coaching, training and advising services.

Carla is a member of the Intuit Trainer Writer Network where she teaches around the country and online, as well as various industry conferences, covering topics such as Firm Strategy, Change Management and Practice Efficiency.

Carla is a speaker on the Intuit Firm of the Future Roadshow and at Scaling New Heights, covering topics such as Firm Strategy, Change Management and Practice Efficiency. She is currently a faculty member of Karbon Academy. She has over 15 years teaching small- and mid-market accounting packages, including as a member of Intuit’s Global Trainer/Writer Network. Previously, Carla was a trainer with two different software companies focused on small businesses, Sage and Xero, and holds a degree in Accounting from Florida State University.

When she’s not helping others, Carla enjoys her life as a loving wife, proud mother of two, and world traveler (be sure to ask her about India.)