Case Resolution

LITPS Features Both NYS & IRS Case Resolution
Throughout the Symposium


IRS Case Resolution*

As part of the IRS’ continuing effort to provide top quality service to taxpayers and their representatives, the Symposium will include a “Practitioner Case Resolution” Program. This program will provide an opportunity to work with IRS representatives from Automated Collection Systems (ACS), Practitioner Priority Service (PPS) Automated Underreporting Program (AUR) and Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) on unassigned tax account issues.

Authorized representatives are invited to pre-register one case. Under revised procedures this year, IRS service representatives will provide assistance via dedicated phone lines directly from the Brookhaven Campus. If the case cannot be resolved during the direct contacts, it will be monitored and assigned to an appropriate IRS expert for follow-up to resolution as appropriate. Pre-registration is strongly recommended to facilitate the smooth flow of these new procedures.

To expedite this process, please ensure the following actions have been completed:

  • A signed original or copy of your Power of Attorney (Form 2848) is required to authorize IRS disclosure of confidential tax information


*Subject to change


NYS Tax Department Case Resolution

Highly trained representatives from the Audit Division and Collections and Civil Enforcement Division will be available to meet one-on-one with tax practitioners to discuss client tax cases and assist with resolution. If the case cannot be resolved at the Symposium and requires further research, it will be assigned to a New York State Tax Department expert for follow-up.

To schedule an appointment time, please visit the New York State Case Resolution Room at the Symposium. Walk-ins will be welcomed based on representative availability. Representatives must have a Power of Attorney filed with the Tax Department authorizing disclosure of confidential client tax information.

To ensure that the representative will be equipped to discuss the case in some detail, complete Form CO-1, Case Resolution Data and submit it by November 6, 2017. Email the completed form and attachments to:


NYS Intake Form CO-1 (9-16)