Neil H. Fishman Attends Final 2017 IRS Advisory Council Meeting

Neil H. Fishman, NCCPAP’s Executive Vice President, recently participated in the public meeting of the IRS Advisory Council (IRSAC) for 2017. This also happens to be Neil’s final year of his 3-year term on the Council. Check your email inbox for NCCPAP’s update regarding the five issues that have been the focus of the sub-group, called Small Business/Self-Employed and Wage & Investment, where Neil has participated. These include W-2 Verification Codes (VCs) and Engaging Tax Practitioners, Account Lock /Unlock, Marketing /Promoting Priority Practitioner Service Improvements to the Practitioner Community, Taxpayer and Practitioner Concerns Regarding Private Debt Collection, and Comments on Proposed Revised Collection Notices.

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Top Issues for Tax Season
Reaching Back and Looking Forward: An Interview with Steve Mankowski

Accounting Today recently interviewed NCCPAP President, Steve Mankowski, for the second time this year! With all of the drama surrounding tax reform, one almost forgets that tax season is upon us. Top issues covered in Steve’s interview conducted by Accounting Today editor-in-chief, Daniel Hood, include the Tax-Overhaul Bill and Cybersecurity. Steve’s most recent podcast is available via the link below.

Listen to the Podcast

IRS Warns Taxpayers and Tax Pros of New Email Scam Targeting Hotmail Users

 IR-2017-203, Dec. 13, 2017

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today warned taxpayers and tax professionals of a new email scam targeting Hotmail users that is being used to steal personal and financial information. The phishing email subject line reads: “Internal Revenue Service Email No. XXXX | We’re processing your request soon | TXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX”. The email leads taxpayers to sign in to a fake Microsoft page and then asks for personal and financial information.
The IRS has received over 900 complaints about this new phishing scheme that seems to exclusively target Hotmail users. The suspect websites associated with this scam have been shut down, but taxpayers should be on the lookout for similar schemes. Individuals who receive unsolicited emails claiming to be from the IRS should forward it to phishing@irs.gov and then delete it. It is important to keep in mind the IRS generally does not initiate contact with taxpayers by email to request personal or financial information.
The IRS reminds tax professionals to be aware of phishing emails, free offers and other common tricks by scammers. Tax professionals who have data breaches should contact the IRS immediately through their Stakeholder Liaison. See Data Theft Information for Tax Professionals.

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New Tax Withholding Tables

The Internal Revenue Service today, 1/12/18, released updated income tax withholding tables, reflecting changes made by the new tax reform law.  This is the first in a series of steps that the IRS will take to help improve the accuracy of withholding under the new tax law.  The IRS encourages employers to begin using the 2018 withholding tables as soon as possible--but not later than February 15, 2018.  

 The IRS notes:  “Many employees will begin to see increases in their paychecks to reflect the new law in February.  The time it will take for employees to see the changes in their paychecks will vary depending on how quickly the new tables are implemented by their employers and how often they are paid — generally weekly, biweekly or monthly.”
The new withholding tables are designed to work with the CURRENT W-4 Forms that workers have ALREADY filed with their employers to claim withholding allowances.  The IRS notes that, “Employees do not have to do anything at this time.”  To help people determine their withholding, the IRS is revising the withholding tax calculator on IRS.gov.  The IRS anticipates that this calculator should be available by the end of February.

The IRS is indeed working on revising the W-4.  The calculator and new W-4 (once both are available) can be used by employees who wish to update (or first start) their withholding.  The IRS notes: “Until a new Form W-4 is issued, employees and employers should continue to use the 2017 Form W-4.”


News Release


Withholding Tables 

NCCPAP Officers & Directors Elected for 2017-2018 Term

Please join us in recognizing and congratulating the recently elected 2017-2018 Officers and Directors of NCCPAP.

  • President: Stephen Mankowski, CPA
  • Executive Vice President: Neil Fishman, CPA
  • Vice President: Frank Gallo, CPA
  • Vice President: Stephen Palmerio, CPA
  • Vice President: Mark A. Stewart, Jr., CPA
  • Treasurer: Stuart Lang, CPA
  • Secretary: Barry Zalk, CPA
  • Immediate Past President: Sandra Johnson, CPA

In addition, the following Directors have been elected:  Scott Cheslowitz, CPA, Mary Duff, CPA, Aaron Futterman, CPA, Robert Gaines, CPA, Kenneth Hauptman, CPA, Donald Ingram, CPA, Lynne Marcus, CPA, David J. Rothfeld, CPA, and Sanford Zinman, CPA.

Next Upcoming Quarterly Meeting
2018 Spring Conference in Bethesda, MD
May 9, 10 & 11, 2018
Hyatt Regency Bethesda

Congressional Agenda and IRS Agenda 2017

CongressionalAgendaMay2017.pdf and IRS_Agenda_May_2017.pdf


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