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All sessions are for 2 CE credits unless otherwise indicated.

Course 1011

Keynote Session

You must attend this session for a full day's credit.

Providing Services for Tax Professionals and Protecting Taxpayer Information
(1.5 TAX CPE)

Nonie Manion, Executive Deputy Commissioner, NYS Department of Tax and Finance

An introduction to how the NYS DTF is creating and updating resources to meet tax administration expectations while rising to the challenge of protecting taxpayer information.

Issues and Trends in Public Accounting
(1.5 SK CPE)

Daniel J. Dustin, CPA, NASBA Vice President, State Board Relations

An overview and discussion of topics impacting accounting professionals including use of titles, interstate mobility and international practice, licensing, and professional ethics. The discussion will also focus on recent trends influenced by national and international initiatives.

Course 1021

Real Estate and Related Taxation Issues in the Context of Separation and Divorce

Eli Uncyk, Esq.

Addresses the unique factors in advising parties during divorce and negotiating settlements, such as tax treatment of real estate transfers between married, separated or divorced parties, federal filing status of spouses; basis, profit or loss in transfers of real property; N.Y. State and City Real Property Transfer Taxes incident to transfers between spouses.

Course 1022

Is Your 401(k)/403(b) Plan a Target for Litigation

Stephen Abramson, CPC, CLU, ChFC

This session will address the extensive and growing litigation regarding DOL compliance regarding due diligence on the funds offered to 401(k) and 403(b) participants and what should be done to avoid being a target. We will also review the new DOL required disclosure rules for 401(k) plans and look at several case studies.

Course 1023

Surviving a New York State Residency Audit

Karen J. Tenenbaum, Esq., LL.M. (Tax) CPA; Marisa M. Friedrich, Esq.; Lance Rothenberg, Esq., LL.M (TAX); Jonathan Mariner, CEO and Founder of TaxDay APP

Learn the nuts and bolts of a NYS tax residency audit. This experienced panel will discuss the rules as well as the nuances for establishing a domicile, and will examine the criteria used to determine NYS statutory residency. Come hear best practices for responding to an audit.

Course 1024

Nexus and Residency: Multistate Issues for Business and Individuals

Brian Gordon, CPA, SALT Director at Gettry Marcus CPA, P.C., Former NYS Tax Department District Manager.

Do you have sales to states outside of NY? You may have additional Sales Tax, Corporation or Income Tax filing requirements. New laws including market based sourcing may cause you to have nexus without entering a state. We will be discussing how continually changing nexus laws and residency issues may impact you.

Course 1025

Current Developments in Compilations and Reviews - Including SSARS 21, 22, 23 and Peer Review
(A & A CPE)

Frank A. Gallo, CPA, Edward P. Caine, MBA, CPA, CFF, CITP, CGMA

We will review SSARS 21, 22, and 23 and discuss how these standards affect your practice. Discuss when the accountant is engaged to prepare financial statements, but not engaged to perform an audit, review or compilation. We will provide a practical checklist that can be immediately used. Discuss documentation requirements for compilations, review prospective and proforma financial statements. Discuss reporting requirements on compiled reviewed or prepared financial statements.

Included will be a discussion on the latest Peer review requirements in NYS and PA.

Course 1026

Estates and Gifts
(TAX CPE) (CFP) (CLE) (IRS CE G1U2N-T-00144-17-I)

Beanna J. Whitlock, EA, CSA, RTRP

Discover what an estate is and why IRS is interested. Review the new tax exclusion for gifts and estates and how a new term, "portability" enters into the mix. When to file Form 70- and Form 706 will be discussed. Learn what IRD, Income in Respect of Decedent, is and how it is treated for taxation purposes. A review of a Form 706 files solely for the "portability factor" will be our case study. Become aware of the greatest hazard in the tax practice today and how to protect yourself.

Course 1027

An M&A Roadmap for CPA firms: from Introduction to Closing

William Carlino, Transition Advisors

Over the past six years there have been more than 600 mergers of accounting firms and that trend is not likely to slow down anytime soon. Mergers happen for a variety of reasons – succession, growth new markets or client services. But for many firms considering a merger, most are unfamiliar with the process or even where or how to start. In this session attendees will learn how to develop that all-important M&A roadmap from the first meeting to contract signing including:

  • How to select a successor
  • What to review in due diligence
  • Alternative deal structures
  • Roadblocks to avoid
  • Keys to client retention


Course 1031 (Lunch Program)

NYS Residency Audits: The View from Albany. Albany comes to Long Island!

Yvonne R. Cort, Esq., Francis Leo, Section Head, Nonresident Audits, NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance and Nonie Manion, Acting Commissioner, NYS Department of Tax and Finance

Albany comes to Long Island! Frances Leo, Nonresident Audit Section Head, NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance, and Yvonne R. Cort, Esq., of Capell Barnett Matalon & Schoenfeld, LLP, providing the practitioner viewpoint, will discuss what you need to know, updates, and how you can help your client in a nonresident audit. Special guest Nonie Manion, Acting Commissioner of NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance, also will attend and provide further insights.

Please note, Toxic Frauds From Within has moved to Day 2 course 2015.

Course 1032 (Lunch Program)

Will V. Revocable Trust – The Boxing Match of the Century
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CFP) (1 CLE)

Gregory L. Matalon, Esq.; Robert S. Barnett, CPA, Esq.

Hear ye, hear ye, come one, come all to the boxing match of the century. Come to this fun and informative lunch to hear the benefits and detriments of a Will v. Revocable Trust.

Course 1033 (Lunch Program)

Recent Connecticut Tax Developments
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CLE)

Louis B. Schatz, Esq.

This seminar will review recent Connecticut tax developments, including legislative, judicial and administrative changes. Particular emphasis will be placed on Connecticut's new sourcing rules and recent nexus developments.

Course 1034 (Lunch Program)

Claiming Illegal Aliens as Dependents: The Ins and Outs
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CFP) (1 CLE) (1 IRS CE G1U2N-T-00145-17-I)

Dr. Joseph Foy, CPA and Dr. Frimette Kass-Schraibman, CPA

Did you know that illegal aliens can be claimed as a dependent on an individual tax return? Surprisingly, many don’t. CPAs may want to familiarize themselves with the issue as illegal aliens have changed the landscape across the U.S. This presentation discusses specific considerations when dealing with these claims.

Course 1035 (Lunch Program)

If Shakespeare Was a Lawyer, He Would Have Written a Trust
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CFP) (1 CLE)

Moss J. Kaufman, CFP, EA, Robert S. Lusthaus, CPA, JD, LLM (Taxation), Gary H. Friedenberg, CPA, Esq.

You read about them, your clients talk about them, and you even recommend them. Trusts have become popular tools to solve many wealth transfer and protection issues. We will review several different types of trusts in terms of asset protection and wealth transfer. We will explore case studies as well as entertain your questions on solving “people” and estate problems.

Course 1037 Just Lunch

No Program - Just Lunch

Course 1041

1040 Update Part 1
(TAX CPE) (CFP) (CLE) (IRS CE G1U2N-U-00146-17-I)

Neil Katz, J.D., LL.M, CPA

Repeats at 2041

This presentation will focus on any changes that affect the preparation of the 2017 Form 1040, including a discussion of any proposals that may affect future tax years. In addition, there will be a discussion of the latest cases, rulings and regulations that affect the preparation of the 2017 Federal Income Tax Return.

Course 1042

Partnering with the IRS for Tax Compliance (Panel)
(TAX CPE) (CFP) (CLE) (IRS CE G1U2N-T-00147-17-I)

Phyllis Brown, Director, Headquarters Collection, Small Business/Self-Employed Division and Wanda Griffin, Acting North Atlantic Area Examinations Director, Small Business/Self-Employed Division

Collection Update – IRS Collection and Examination Executives will discuss current and future-state compliance programs and initiatives and how the tax professional community can partner with the IRS to serve our common customer – the small business and self-employed tax community.

Course 1043

State and Local Taxes
Harlan J. Kwiatek, CPA, JD, LL.M., CPA

Two state and local tax topics will be covered during this session – Unitary Business Principles/Analysis and Pass-through Entity Consulting.  Consulting opportunities and lurking pitfalls will be presented.  Attention will be paid to the impact of unitary analysis when selling assets and entity interests, the right to apportion, and pre- and post-apportionment flow-up of income and apportionment factors of pass-through entities.  A discussion of state income tax issues that are growing concerns in relation to pass-through entities will also take place.

Course 1044

Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) and Nexus

Mark L. Stone, CPA, MST; Joseph Calamia II, CPA

In this 100 minute seminar Mark L Stone will give a general overview of Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) terms and how they affect nexus and sales tax laws for vendors. This seminar will detail what FBA means, factors that cause a business to have nexus when using FBA, and outline rules for multi-state sales tax.

Course 1045

Buy Sell Agreements – Common Mistakes

Ellen Begleiter Lehmert, JD and Robert S. Barnett, CPA, JD, MS (Taxation)

Buy Sell Agreements are an essential element for almost every business and investment. This lecture will discuss traps and pitfalls for CPA’s and advisor consider. Some mistakes are business oriented and some are tax oriented. All can result in substantial hardship and unintended consequences. Topics include: Best Method to Utilize; Valuation; Entity Redemptions; Tax Considerations; Insurance Tax Traps – Avoid Ordinary Income and AMT.

Course 1046

Elder Law, Medicaid & Estate Tax Update

Aaron E. Futterman, CPA, Esq.

This program will cover programs available to pay for long term care costs including: Medicare and Medicaid (including Community Medicaid).
Transfer rules and penalties including the penalty period and exempt transfers. Spouse’s rights including: Impoverishment Rules, Exempt Transfers, Spousal Refusal, and Basic Estate Planning including: Right of Election. We will also cover Estate and Gift Tax Update as it relates to planning for Medicaid.

Course 1047

Eileen Dunn, CPA

Description coming soon

Course 1051

1040 Update Part 2
(TAX CPE) (CFP) (CLE) (IRS CE G1U2N-U-00148-17-I)

Neil Katz, J.D., LL.M, CPA

Course repeats at 2051

This is a continuation of Course 1041.

Course 1052

New York Tax Update

Mark S. Klein, Esq., Joseph N. Endres, Esq.

Repeats at 2021

This seminar will cover the latest developments in New York State's 2017-18 budget bill, as well as the implementation of the recent corporate and estate tax changes. We will provide an overview of some tax tricks and traps, while also highlighting new decisions, rulings, and administrative releases affecting New York's corporate, personal income, and sales and use taxes, as well as the impact of recent Tax Department and Attorney General enforcement initiatives. Finally, we will review recent changes in New York’s Abandoned Property law and enforcement.

Course 1053

Life Insurance Considerations and Case Studies

Alan D. Kahn, CPA, MBA, CLU, ChFC

This session will help familiarize you with the latest life insurance issues, trends and product developments your Clients face today. Estate and Long Term Care planning concerns will be addressed along with real life case studies to enhance your understanding of these topics.

Course 1054

Real Estate Tax Deductions That Most Tax Professionals Are STILL Missing For Their Clients
(TAX CPE) (CLE) (IRS CE G1U2N-T-00149-17-I)

Eric P. Christenson, Cost Segregation Services, Inc.

During this program, we will go over:

  • Capital to Expense Reversal?
  • Asset Disposition?
  • Ratio Test for medium to large expensing decisions?

Bring all Depreciation Schedules with cost basis over $200K. Workshop setting discussion will identify these overlooked deductions.

Course 1055

The Accountant’s Roll in Divorce Litigation

Anthony Basile, CPA

This session will discuss the financial and tax aspects of divorce and what the CPA should know regarding the process and expectations from the income tax, valuation, and forensic accounting perspectives. We will discuss the aspects of litigation support including expert witness and testimony.

Course 1056

Accounting & Auditing Update
(A & A CPE)

Alexander K. Buchholz, CPA, MBA, CGMA

Learn about recent and upcoming accounting and auditing developments. In this session, you will take a deeper dive into new and proposed accounting and auditing standards. Topics include the revised lease accounting standards update, financial statement revisions for not-for-profit entities, going concern considerations in financial statement audits, revenue recognition standards, newly implemented changes to the Independent Auditors’ Report based on comments from the PCAOB and other important accounting and auditing standards.

Course 1057

Reasonable Compensation for Shareholder-Employees of S-Corps
(TAX CPE) (CLE) (IRS CE G1U2N-T-00150-17-I)

Paul S. Hamann, President; Jack Salewski, CPA, CGMA

Why has IRS compliance and enforcement for Reasonable Compensation changed over the last ten years? What should you know and what actions should you take? Learn about the changes the IRS and courts have made in the way they determine and pursue enforcement of Reasonable Compensation for S Corps.

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All sessions are for 2 CE credits unless otherwise indicated.