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All sessions are for 2 CE credits unless otherwise indicated.

Course 2001

A Special Tax Court Panel Keynote Session
(1.5 TAX CPE) (1.5 CLE)

Diana L. Leyden, United States Tax Court Special Trial Judge, Washington, D.C.; Rose E. Gole, Internal Revenue Service Office of Chief Counsel, Associate Area Counsel (SBSE), New York, NY; Laurie B. Kazenoff, Esq., former IRS Chief Counsel Senior Trial Attorney, Partner and Co-Chair of Tax Practice Group at Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP, Garden City, NY; Robert M. Finkel, Esq., former IRS Chief Counsel Senior Trial Attorney, Partner and Co-Chair of Tax Practice Group at Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP, New York, NY; Michelle E. Espey, Esq., Tax Practice Group at Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP, Garden City, NY

You must attend this session for a full day's credit.

Tax practitioners who frequently handle Examinations or Appeals cases may not realize how important everything they do at those early stages can impact their client's rights and how receiving a Statutory Notice of Deficiency (SND) can change the game. Many perceive the U.S. Tax Court as a venue they will never have to see, so why worry about it? There is nothing worse than realizing after-the-fact that you defaulted your client's rights merely because you didn't understand the important role of the U.S. Tax Court and its rules of practice and procedure. We will address these issues including privilege, evidence issues that exist at early stages of a case, the role of statute extensions, whether or not to file a petition, addressing substantive and procedural issues when preparing a petition, rights to an Appeals Conference even when a case has been petitioned, rules of practice before the Tax Court, settlement conferences for docketed cases, what to do when the IRS wants to litigate your client's issue even if you don't.

Course 2011

Payroll Compliance Trends, FAQs and Best Practices
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CLE)

Kristin LaRosa, Senior Counsel, HR & Specialty Products - ADP Small Business Services

Wage and hour laws continue to see new and proposed changes on the federal, state and local level, affecting businesses of all sizes and how employees are compensated. Join us as we review major payroll compliance trends such as paid sick leave, minimum wage increases, year-end reporting and more.

Course 2012

Four Things to Know About Perfect Workflow

Philip Phares, Education Director, AbacusNext

Workflow has evolved from the simple due date monitoring systems of the past to congregated, comprehensive office management systems that can organize your entire firm. We are seeing options ranging from standalone workflow systems to complete firm management systems and the choices are endless. In this session, we will explore why these systems are in such high demand, some of the successful methods used to implement them and how to get your team to embrace the changes necessary to benefit from them.

Learning Objectives

  • Find out what ground work is necessary before you implement new workflow systems.
  • Discover why investigation of the tools available is necessary to insure successful implementation.
  • Learn how to get teams buy in and the continued benefits from a periodic review of a well thought out workflow system.


Course 2013

Current Developments in NJ Taxation
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CFP) (1 CLE)

Alan J. Preis, CPA, P.C.

This session will cover: Recent cases and rulings in gross income tax, corporation business tax and sales and use tax; guidance for S corporations with non-consenting shareholders; the post November election outlook for 2018 state tax legislation.

Course 2014

Accumulation Planning vs Distribution Planning: Tax-efficient Retirement Planning Strategies
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CFP)

Craig Ferrantino CWS®

The purpose of this course is to provide CPAs with valuable techniques and resources to help educate their clients on tax-efficient strategies that are available throughout retirement planning, and furthermore, structural account changes that can be made to help clients pay less taxes when distributing assets during retirement. The goal is to keep more money in your client’s pocket! This course will also breakdown retirement planning into two phases: Accumulation Planning and Distribution Planning. Understanding the differences between these two phases and what tools to use during each can make or break the longevity of your client’s portfolio.

Course 2015

Toxic Frauds From Within

Robin Cramer, CPA/CFF, CFE

Like toxic poison, fraud could infiltrate any organization. It is a myth to believe that anyone is immune to this risk. The most loyal, hard-working and likeable employees may be the ones committing the fraud. Most people do not have fraud prevention programs in place. They often do not know how to recognize a problem, therefore, the monetary damages grow exponentially over time. We will discuss common types of fraud through case studies and review best practices.

Course 2016

NYS Collections and Civil Enforcement Updates: Hear From Albany and Practitioners
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CLE)

Karen J. Tenenbaum, Esq., LL.M. (Tax) CPA; Jennifer Ann Wynne, Esq., CPA; Hana Boruchov, Esq.; Argi O’Leary, Esq., Deputy Commissioner, Civil Enforcement Division, New York State Department Taxation and Finance

You owe money to New York State. Now what? Stay up-to-date on the latest in New York State’s civil enforcement efforts from the head of the Civil Enforcement Division. Learn about the collection tools New York State uses, as well as the collection alternatives for taxpayers.

Course 2017

C Corp NOLs and PNOLC

Barry L. Sunshine, CPA

When a corporation has a net operating loss ("NOL") there are various options that a tax advisor must choice amongst. This segment will review the Federal, NYS and NYC NOL provisions.

Course 2021

New York Tax Update

Mark S. Klein, Esq., Joseph N. Endres, Esq.

Repeat of 1052

This seminar will cover the latest developments in New York State's 2017-18 budget bill, as well as the implementation of the recent corporate and estate tax changes. We will provide an overview of some tax tricks and traps, while also highlighting new decisions, rulings, and administrative releases affecting New York's corporate, personal income, and sales and use taxes, as well as the impact of recent Tax Department and Attorney General enforcement initiatives. Finally, we will review recent changes in New York’s Abandoned Property law and enforcement.

Course 2022

Ten Tiers of Estate Planning – A CPA Perspective

Paresh Shah, CFP®

Do you get questions about wills and trusts? Do your clients come to you for Estate Planning questions or reviews? The course seeks to give you an overview of the landscape of Estate Planning from Basic Wills, Health Care Proxy and Power of Attorneys to Complex Trusts like GRATs, IDGTs, CRTs and CLTs to Estate Planning techniques like A-B trusts and Sale to Grantor Trust.

Course 2023

What’s New in Lacerte
(1 TAX CPE) (1 SK CPE)

Come learn about the exciting and important changes being made in Lacerte this tax season. You will discover how Lacerte is improving security for you and your clients, new capabilities in the product, and tax law or calculation changes. By attending this session, you will be able to: Utilize new and existing capabilities in Lacerte to save time preparing returns; Improve your ability to safeguard taxpayer data in your office using Lacerte’s new security enhancements and Identify the tax law or content changes in Lacerte.

Who should attend?
Tax Professionals serving individual or business clients who use Lacerte or are interested in using Lacerte for Tax Year 2017.

Course Level: Basic

Course 2024

Income Strategies for Retirees Who Never Want to Run Out of Money

Moss J. Kaufman, CFP®; Shamir D Hirsch, MBA, CFP® CIMA®; John A. Baldi, MBA, PFS, CPA; Mark Badami, CFP®

A team of FPA professionals will take on the challenge of how to advise clients on investments, assets allocations, benefit coordinate and other strategies to retire successfully. We will discuss the use of different assets, insurance and real estate that can be employed to meet this challenge.

Course 2025

Trust Basics

Beanna J. Whitlock, EA, CSA, RTRP

As our practices age, taxpayers are being convinced to protect their assets through various forms of a trust. They may want to "control from the grave", may want to provide for disabled children and grandchildren or, and more frequently, they want to avoid - PROBATE. Professionals will discover the tax complexities of the "living will" known as the "grantor trust” and how it is handled on a tax return, both before and after death. Professionals will become acquainted with various forms of a trust with emphasis on the new product - the Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust (IDGT) Whether to recommend a trust and some guidelines will complete the presentation.

Course 2026

Working With The IRS Office Of Appeals; What to Expect In Examination & Collection Appeals
(TAX CPE) (CLE) (IRS CE G1U2N-T-00151-17-I)

Susan M. Faron, IRS Supervisory Appeals Officer, Office of Examination Appeals; Cindy R. Kasminoff, IRS Supervisory Appeals Officer, Office of Collection Appeals; Richard S. Kestenbaum, Esq.

A panel of IRS representatives and a Tax Attorney will present information that tax professionals should know when working with the IRS Office of Appeals. It provides an overview of Collection and Examination Appeals policies and procedures and discusses what you can expect. The seminar specifically outlines Appeals' case procedures, how you appeal an IRS decision and at what point in the process your case can be elevated to Appeals.

Course 2031 (Lunch Program)

Are You A SUPER QBO Hero?
(1 SK CPE)

James N. Filicetti, CPA

Game ON- Going from a QuickBooks Desktop firm to a QuickBooks Online Firm. In this interactive session, learn how to seek knowledge in understanding the depth and breadth of the conversion process between QB Desktop and QB Online. Learn proven methods from your peers to make you and your firm more profitable by adopting methods you will experience. Be the next QBO Hero to your clients.

Course 2032 (Lunch Program)

Biggest Marketing Takeaways for Small Firms

Karen J. Tenenbaum, Esq., LL.M. (Tax), CPA; Kenneth R. Cerini, CPA, CFP, DABFA; Allison W. Rosenzweig, Esq.; Matthew Rappaport, Esq., LL.M. (Taxation); Edie Reinhardt, Founder at RDT Content Marketing; Sharyn O’Mara, Communications Director at Wisselman & Associates, P.C.

Challenged by marketing? Learn some of the best strategies to market your tax practice from a diverse panel of experts including both practitioners and marketing professionals. Panelists will share their top marketing tips to help you attract clients and stand out from the competition.

Course 2033 (Lunch Program)

Planning for the Business Owner
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CFP)

Cleo Beletsis, MS & Financial Adviser and Christi G. Rodriguez Cottrell, JD

Many flourishing businesses do not survive; only one-third succeed in the second generation. The key is planning early to avoid conflicts between heirs and surviving owners; and provide sufficient funding. Business owners must rely on a team of tax, legal and financial professionals to plan for ownership succession; put funded buy-sell arrangements in place; and, implement insurance-based techniques to attract, retain and reward key management.

Course 2034 (Lunch Program)

Social Media Audit

Bob Torella, MBA

Social media is hotter than ever and needs to be part of your branding and marketing strategy. In this interactive session, we will audit real LinkedIn member accounts and Facebook business sites to identify best practices and omissions. Attendees will also get my proprietary social media audit checklist.

Course 2035 (Lunch Program)

Identifying Tax Opportunities in Tax Returns
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CFP)

Barry L. Sunshine, CPA

When a tax advisor reviews a tax return there are many overlooked deductions and credits. This segment will review and assist a tax advisor identifying many of those missed opportunities in tax returns. This will help you save your client save taxes.

Course 2036 Just Lunch

No Program - Just Lunch

Course 2037 (Lunch Program)

Get Off The Worry-Go-Round
(1 SK CPE) (1 CFP)

Linda Fostek, The Crisis Planner and Audrey Kirwin, Financial Advisor, Applied Financial Group

As a trusted advisor, your clients often share with you their worries about taxes and money. When it comes to worry, that is only the tip of the iceberg. How can they get off the “Worry-Go-Round”? Tax and financial planning are both important, however, there are other considerations when preparing for life’s events beyond that scope. We will share strategies for accumulating and protecting wealth, integrated with the expertise of The Crisis Planner, to become a Life-Plan resource for your clients.

Course 2041

1040 Update Part 1
(TAX CPE) (CFP) (CLE) (IRS CE G1U2N-U-00146-17-I)

Neil Katz, J.D., LL.M, CPA

Repeat of 1041

This presentation will focus on any changes that affect the preparation of the 2017 Form 1040, including a discussion of any proposals that may affect future tax years. In addition, there will be a discussion of the latest cases, rulings and regulations that affect the preparation of the 2017 Federal Income Tax Return.

Course 2042

Nexus in a Nutshell

Mayer Brown SALT group, Amy F. Nogid, Counsel; Douglas J. Upton, Associate

This session will focus on states’ expansion of the “physical presence” nexus standard for income and sales tax, including the adoption of factor-presence standards, and economic, affiliate nexus and marketplace facilitator provisions. Knowing the new standards is critical since it can impact your clients’ bottom lines.

Course 2043

Hackers, Scams & Passwords – Cyber Threats Are the New Reality

Armando D’Accordo, President, CMIT Solutions

Cyber threats are now a part of daily life, and they are too real to ignore. Compliance rules and self-preservation dictate that you protect yourself and your clients from identity theft, credit card scams, password theft, and major financial fraud. If you think your firm is not a target, remember this; they’re not looking for you, their looking for vulnerabilities.

Course 2044

Integrating Home Equity as an Asset into your Comprehensive Financial Plan

Hank J. Sanders III, and Stephen Conroy, CSA

This workshop is designed to provide a more advanced look at tools and strategies that financial professionals may wish to incorporate into their planning for clients in or approaching retirement age. With the rapid increase in the number of retirees and the significance of wealth in home equity, professional advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to understand how housing wealth fits into the clients’ comprehensive plan in order to serve in the best interest of the client. This workshop will specifically address research & math revealing the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage is no longer a product of last resort for the financially destitute, but rather a meaningful strategic tool to address retirement needs of mass affluent.

Course 2045

Today's IRS
(TAX CPE) (IRS CE G1U2N-00152-17-I)

Beanna J. Whitlock, EA, CSA, RTRP

The Internal Revenue Service of today is vastly different than the one envisioned by former Commissioner Charles Rossotti. Face to face service is a thing of the past and more important than ever is the need to know who is in the chain of command and how to contact them. This directory of who is who at the IRS and how to contact them is valuable to any tax professional. The information alone is important but the insight from one who was at the top levels of IRS leadership is invaluable. Knowledge is Power and this session is packaged to give you the knowledge to be powerful.

Course 2046

New York State Tax Department Tools and Resources to Integrate Into Your Office

New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Panel
Argi O’Leary, Civil Enforcement Division; Kristin Dence, Audit Division; Beth Ostwald, Melissa Pratt, and Jennifer Sim, Office of Processing and Taxpayer Services; and Laura Fallon, Office of Communications and Outreach Services

Together, we will navigate the Tax Department’s web pages, videos and demos; and introduce the new look for Tax Professional Online Services accounts and the Power of Attorney web application. Learn about a variety of payment options, how to respond to bills and notices, and how to apply for our Voluntary Disclosure and Compliance program.

Course 2047

International Tax Audits
(TAX CPE) (CFP) (CLE) (IRS CE G1U2N-T-00158-17-I)

Eric L. Morgenthal, Esq., CPA, M.S. (Taxation)

The Disclosures and leads are in… and now the audits have begun. This seminar will be a practical discussion about unique aspects of representation in audits, appeals and litigation of International Tax matters. Topics covered will include strategies, statutes of limitations, IDR’s, FOIA, abatement of penalties and forum selection.

Course 2051

1040 Update Part 2
(TAX CPE) (CFP) (CLE) (IRS CE G1U2N-U-00148-17-I)

Neil Katz, J.D., LL.M, CPA

This is a repeat of Course 1051

This is a continuation of Course 2041

Course 2052

The Truth About Buying, Selling or Merging CPA Opportunities In New York In 2017 and 2018

Max T. Krotman, Esq.

This is a dynamic time in accounting--with New Opportunities for CPAs. We’ll share the impact of changing Prices, Client Fees, Space Costs and Staffing. You will find out what is new in 2017 and what you have to look forward to in 2018. Plenty of time during, before, and after for individual questions.

Course 2053

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise. LTC Insurance Planning Now

Natalie Karp, MBA, CLTC and Rona Loshak, MBA, CLTC

Today’s long term care insurance marketplace has grown to include asset based and linked benefit solutions. These “live-die-or-change your mind” options allow clients flexibility in addressing longevity and legacy commitments. Solutions vary: cash flow strong or cash strong, hard to insure, business owners and key executives. Priceless solutions that protect clients and their families.

Course 2054

New York City Real Property Tax Appeals

Eric W. Olson, Partner, Akerman LLP

This program examines the New York City real property tax appeal process (aka "tax certiorari"), including review of the tax appeal calendar and procedure, Department of Finance notices, and Tax Commission forms. Applicable valuation methods and financial analysis techniques are discussed and presented, as well as special issues related to tax-exempt/abated and leased properties.

Course 2055

NYC/NYS Update

(NYS); Mwisa Chisunka and Robert Smith, Outreach Services, New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
(NYC); Eunkyong Choi, New York City Taxpayer Advocate and Matt Cyrus, Taxpayer Case Advocate

This session will cover the latest New York State legislative developments pertaining to taxation and provide updates on return processing. The session will also include Tax Department key messages for tax practitioners and new initiatives.

Course 2056

The Wizard of Sales Tax Audits- Contractors and Medical Practices and Software OH MY!

Mark L. Stone, CPA, MST; Jennifer L. Koo, Esq.

In this 100 minute seminar Mark L. Stone will guide you through a sales tax realm of the most frequently asked sales tax questions. Topics that will be discussed will range from the most common mistakes in construction law, the conflict of sales tax regulation in medical practices, and the many nuances to know regarding software companies.

Course 2057

Retiring From A Small Business – Creative Pension Solutions

Mary Read, CPC, CPFA, QPA

Transitioning from successful business owner to happy retiree is not easy. How do you turn a valuable asset into income for living? In this seminar learn tax advantaged strategies only available to business owners.

  • The world beyond SEPs and SIMPLEs
  • The role of Qualified Retirement Plans as personal financial planning tools for business owners
  • How to achieve efficient plan design that eliminates the cost of employees
  • How to reduce taxes on distributions from qualified plans and IRAs 30% or more, and keep the IRS happy


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All sessions are for 2 CE credits unless otherwise indicated.