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“Roadmap to House & Senate Tax Reform Plans” written and distributed by Bloomberg Tax

There has been a buzz throughout the accounting world concerning the new proposed tax laws. We have been scouring the newspapers, speaking to others at conferences and holiday parties and watching the nightly news to see who voted on what and how.  What’s a person to do if these changes are implemented? 


You can visit the following link for a PDF summary Written & distributed by Bloomberg Tax digital link:

Submitted by Gerard Schreiber Jr CPA

and Andrea Parness CPA

Reflections from 2017 Long Island Tax Professionals Symposium

Many of us spent 3 amazing days at the Long Island Tax Professionals Symposium sponsored by the N/S Chapter of NCCPAP, the NCCPAP Ed Foundation and the IRS. Bad news – there were so many great sessions, it was hard to choose. Good news - most of the sessions were taped, giving us a chance to listen to those we may have missed during some down time. No one believes that their education ends when they graduate school.  We go through the day learning from our online newsletters, our peers, and the questions our clients/patients/customers and our staff members ask and answer. We just have to be diligent in sharing those tidbits too. Our attendees will be sharing their experiences with us, via posts starting next week on the NCCPAP media sites.  Please feel free to view share them with your friends and associates.



  • 1/11,1/25&2/1 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act:In-depth Training, Analysis & Implement

    Register Now for this 3 part course is designed to highlight the main points of the law as it pertains to the medium size and small business community, then take you on an in-depth analysis by topic. A portion of each program will be devoted to speaker ... More

    With all of the changes to our profession, you may want to consider joining in the process of change. You can do so by joining a committee. Our committees are structured to serve the needs of our membership, to create a forum where members can exchange ... More
  • Ruth A. Sattig Betz, CPA Quoted in the NY Times

    To read the Article Click on link More


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  • 10/25/2017 - Identifying Year-End Tax Planning Issues

    These takeaways were gleaned from both the panel and seminar participants during the round table meeting. Members of NCCPAP always so willing to share the good and the bad they have learned from working with their clients exchanged insights and ideas ... More
  • 10/3/2017 - Becoming & Remaining a Partner of Significance

    Sharing some great #takeaways from the National Conference of CPA Practitioners - ncCPAp seminar held 10/3/2017 in Woodbury NY "Becoming & Remaining a Partner of Significance" .  #1. Promise a lot, deliver more. #2. Remember who sent you the referral ... More


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  • Posted in: NASSAU/SUFFOLK

    ​ US Congress Conference Report which has not been voted on or passed yet, refers to the final version of the bill - does ...

  • Posted in: NASSAU/SUFFOLK

    ​ It’s been 2 months since Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria hit, changing lives forever.  The Disaster ...

  • Posted in: NASSAU/SUFFOLK

    Good Morning Partners: Stakeholder Liaison Field is being asked to solicit names of practitioners from each ...


  • Resumes in Office

    If you are looking for resumes. The office has some from 10/5/2017 SUNY Old Westbury. Interested in seeing them? Email and ask for them thank you Etta more


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