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Frank E. Sands, CPA
Sands, Gililland & Co., PC
NCCPAP President

Norman Fleischer, CPA
Norman M. Fleischer, CPA, LLC
NCCPAP Executive Vice President

Gary Brown, CPA
Gary R. Brown, CPA, LLC
NCCPAP Vice President

Barry Zalk, CPA
Barry D. Zalk, CPA
NCCPAP Vice President

Sanford Zinman, CPA
Sanford E. Zinman, CPA, PC
NCCPAP Vice President

Sandra G. Johnson, CPA, EA, CFE
Johnson CPA
NCCPAP Treasurer

Kenneth Hauptman, CPA
Wild, Maney, Resnick, CPAs
NCCPAP Secretary

Mark A. Stewart Jr., CPA
Feldstein & Stewart LLP
Immediate Past President

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