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Get to Know Mark A. Stewart Jr., CPA, NCCPAP President

Mark A. Stewart Jr., CPA is the current President of NCCPAP. Prior to serving as President, Mark served for many years as Executive Vice President, Secretary and Chair of the Issues Committee for NCCPAP. At the Chapter level, Mark is the Immediate Past President of the Westchester/Rockland County New York Chapter.

Mark has 20 years of experience as a practitioner. He is currently the Co-Managing Member of Feldstein & Stewart LLP, a full service public accounting firm located in Rockland County, NY, that serves medium and small business clients. The firm provides a broad range of services including tax preparation, financial planning and audit/review/compilation attestation services.

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  • President's Message - June 2021

    Blog Entry

    NCCPAP National Quarterly Conference By Mark A. Stewart, Jr., CPA, National President, NCCPAP June 22, 2021—NCCPAP recently held its National Quarterly Conference on June 7-9, 2021. Our summary of important topics includes: Meetings with Congress and the IRS The NCCPAP leadership team is currently planning a series of virtual meetings with Congressional and IRS leadership in late July. These are being coordinated through our National Tax Committee co-chairs, Steve Mankowski, ... Read More

  • President's Message - February 2021

    Blog Entry

    Accounting & Auditing: Upcoming Changes Present Challenges and Opportunities By Mark A. Stewart, Jr., CPA, National President, NCCPAP February 9, 2021— Many of us in the accounting profession are no doubt buried behind the tidal wave of accounting issues brought about by The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021. This includes PPP Second Draw Loans, PPP loan forgiveness, and The Employee Retention Credit, to name a few. NCCPAP continues to stay on top of these items, so please watch for our ... Read More

  • President's Message - January 2021

    Blog Entry

    Another Month, Another Multi-Thousand Page Bill to Absorb By Mark A. Stewart, Jr., CPA, National President, NCCPAP January 12, 2021—On the eve of the 2020 holiday season, CPA practitioners received both a gift and a lump of coal in their stocking—the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021. While the provisions of this Bill are mostly good news for practitioners and their clients, there are many issues we must now face as practitioners. The good news includes numerous tax extenders, deductibility ... Read More

  • President's Message - December 2020

    Blog Entry

    To My Friends at NCCPAP: By Mark A. Stewart, Jr., CPA, National President, NCCPAP December 4, 2020—This year has brought enough hardships for a lifetime. Our profession has been one of the lucky few ones that has actually thrived during the pandemic; however, we must remember that many other businesses are still struggling just to survive. Right now, it is more important than ever that we advocate for these businesses. We need our members to show their power and strength in numbers by bringing ... Read More

  • President's Message - November 2020

    Blog Entry

    To My Friends at NCCPAP: By Mark A. Stewart, Jr., CPA, National President, NCCPAP November 4, 2020—There is no greater honor in this profession than to be recognized by your peers. I am beyond humbled that all of you have put your faith in me to lead NCCPAP, our organization. I promise to do my best in this position, as I have done all the years I have served at NCCPAP—at the Chapter level and the National level. Recently we faced, and still face, unique challenges as an organization. ... Read More

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