Renee Rampula, CPA, CGMA

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Renee Rampulla, CPA CGMA has over 30 years of professional experience. She writes and  lectures on technical accounting and auditing issues. Renee has extensive experience in the auditing of public and privately held entities ranging from the manufacturing and service sectors,  to financial services.  

She was a partner in a regional accounting firm in the northeast in charge of the firm’s  accounting and auditing practice and their quality control group. She is the founder of Rampulla  Advisory Services, LLC. Her clients include nationally recognized professional organizations,  accounting firms, companies, publishers and others. By devoting several years of her career at  both regional and Big Four accounting firms Renee accumulated a wealth of technical and  practical knowledge. In addition, while working for the American Institute of Certified Public  Accountants (AICPA), she performed professional ethics investigations; worked closely with  senior technical committees; presented technical guidance before standard setters; and authored  and updated several AICPA publications.  

Renee Rampulla is a frequently requested speaker and is an instructor and author of several continuing professional education (CPE) courses for the AICPA, the New York State Society of  Certified Public Accountants’ (NYSSCPA) Foundation for Accounting Education (FAE), and other organizations, covering a variety of FASB and IFRS accounting guidance along with private and public company auditing standards.  She has taught over 900 CPE courses.  

She is a five time recipient of the AICPA’s Outstanding Instructor Award and a recipient of the 2016 New Jersey Society of CPAs “Women of Note”

Renee Rampulla is a current member of AICPA Council and the AICPA’s Ethics Enforcement Committee. She has served as Vice President of Professional Issues for the NYSSCPA, is a past member of the NYSSCPA Executive Committee and former NYSSCPA Director at Large board member. Renee Rampulla also served as the chair of the NYSSCPA’s Professional Ethics Committee from 2015 – 2017, and in 2018 was the President of the NYSSCPA’s Staten Island Chapter. Previously she served in the capacity of several leadership positions for the NYSSCPA Staten Island chapter, including chapter Vice President. She is a member of the NYSSCPA’s Financial Accounting Standards Committee and Professional Liability Committee and a past member of the International Accounting and Auditing Committee. Renee chaired the NYSSCPA’s 2014 Nominating Committee and was a recent member of that committee in 2021. She has served on the New Jersey Society of CPA (NJCPA) Audit Committee from 2015 - 2018; was the 2012 – 2014 Chair of the NJCPA Accounting and Auditing Standards Interest Group and previously served as the 2011-2012 Vice-Chair. She has also served as co-chair of the NJCPA Accounting Standards and IFRS sub-committees of the Accounting and Auditing Standards Interest Group. Renee Rampulla has also chaired two NYSSCPA Task forces; the CPA Evolution Task Force and the CPA Exam Task Force.  

For several years Renee was an adjunct lecturer at Hunter College, a City University of New York City, teaching various undergraduate accounting, auditing and research courses.