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By NCCPAP Staff posted 09-28-2020 10:09 AM


Beanna J. Whitlock, Renown Liability and Professional Ethics Expert, to Present at NCCPAP's 18th Annual Accounting and Tax Symposium

9t5F8m9xQQu8VygBCZcr_temp-T.jpgThis year’s NCCPAP Accounting and Tax Symposium Attendees are in for quite a treat. Beanna J. Whitlock, EA, CSA is a Partner at Whitlock Tax Service in Canyon Lake, TX, Executive Director of the National Center for Professional Education (NCPE) Fellowship, former IRS Information Reporting Program Advisory Council Member, former IRS Commissioner’s Advisory Committee Member, and former IRS Director of National Public Liaison for Commissioner Mark Everson. She will be speaking on a number of topics crucially important to current events at this year’s Annual NCCPAP Accounting & Tax Symposium (ATS 2020), taking place on November 10, 13, 18, and 19.

Known for her fierce defense of the tax professional community, Ms. Whitlock is frequently consulted by accounting and tax publications regarding issues concerning the tax professional community. She approaches serious topics, such as these, with practical real-life examples, in-depth knowledge based on decades of experience, and humor. Whether you are an EA, CPA, Attorney, or burgeoning tax professional, you won’t want to miss these opportunities to learn and improve your practice.

About Her Presentations

Ethics 2020: The COVID-19 Made Me Do It

Participants will learn about the crucial element they bring to effective tax administration and the requirements of duty imposed on tax professionals. A brief review of certain sections of Circular 230 Federal Code of Regulations will answer questions most tax professionals encounter in their practice. Using real life examples, attendees will learn how Engagement Letters can be used to avoid confusion and establish rules of practice. As 2020 was an unusual filing season, tax professionals were challenged with ethical dilemmas they had never encountered. Circular 230 to the rescue again! Ms. Whitlock will be reviewing the provisions of the rules governing tax professionals to give guidance and restraint, when necessary, to be a part of this system we call TAX.

IRS Update

As IRS campus units continue to be severely impacted by the delays and non-existent operations of the agency for the last eight months, operating divisions are seeking ways to bridge taxpayer contact. Exams, collections, appeals and customer service will be the focus of this presentation with various insights into how to help taxpayers with their IRS issues. The Taxpayer First Act is clearly changing the IRS. Learn what to expect and how to make your contact with the IRS on behalf of your taxpayers the most productive possible.


Choice of Entity

Meet George, your new client. George tells you about his needs, wishes and desires for his business. In this session, participants will be examining the various forms of federal tax classification available for George, help him determine if his business should be operated as a sole-proprietorship, partnership or corporation, and under what circumstance George should make an S election. This session will include a primer on federal tax classifications and how to take the time to be of full-service to your client. Attendees will feel comfortable advising taxpayers, who are new to business, of the opportunities, difficulties and requirements of operating a business based upon the choice of federal tax classification. 


Offer in Compromise

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, taxpayers who owed but could not pay IRS obligations found themselves looking for any way out. With the effects of COVID-19, many in business and individual taxpayers may be looking to Internal Revenue Code Section 7122, which allows the Commissioner to compromise any civil or criminal case arising under the internal revenue laws prior to reference to the Department of Justice for prosecution or defense. Attendees will learn how to determine if their taxpayer is a good candidate for an Offer in Compromise (OIC), which type of OIC is appropriate, and how to submit the offer. Utilizing a case study approach, attendees will feel both comfortable and qualified to submit an offer for their taxpayer. Attendees will learn how to charge for their services and how to ensure they are paid.


More About Ms. Whitlock
A tax law instructor for more than 35 years with emphasis on Limited Liability Company and Ethics and Professional Conduct presentations, Ms. Whitlock has taught tax professionals across the country and is an adjunct professor for Auburn University in Alabama. In addition to the above-mentioned accolades and credentials, she has testified before Congress, the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the IRS Oversight Board. Ms. Whitlock has been honored by Accounting Today as one of the 100 Most Influential in Accounting for an unprecedented seven years.

About ATS 2020
The Educational Foundation of the Nassau/Suffolk Chapter of NCCPAP and Nassau/Suffolk Chapter of NCCPAP present this year’s 18th annual NCCPAP Accounting and Tax Symposium (ATS 2020). Formerly known as the Long Island Tax Professionals Symposium or LITPS, this year’s conference will be virtual and national. Based on years of success and to accommodate work at home mandates, the organizations are expanding their reach and offering the same high value experience with speakers, exhibitors, and attendees in a virtual conference format. Attendees can earn up to 36 CPEs over the four-day conference. Early Bird discounted pricing is available through October 23, 2020. Learn more at



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