Carol Markman Awarded NCCPAP Gold Lifetime Achievement Award

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carolmarkman_email3a.jpgCarol Markman was destined to become a trailblazer. In the early 1980’s when she was establishing her CPA firm, the only CPA organization she knew about was the New York State Society of CPAs (NYSSCPA). Although Carol was invested in professional associations as a way of advancing her practice, she didn’t feel that NYSCCPA met her needs as an owner of a small CPA firm. Even so, she signed up for weekend getaways as a chance to get to know the members. According to Carol, “I wasn’t shy, so I stood up and voiced my opinion that the meetings didn’t address my needs.” In response, a man approached her afterwards and said, “Have I got an organization for you!” At the time, that man, Peter Ciccone, was President of the Nassau/Suffolk Chapter of NCCPAP. He invited Carol to the next NCCPAP meeting. As she states, “That was a life changing event—one that led to many prestigious assignments at both the chapter and national levels at NCCPAP, as well as her becoming a sought-after expert, testifying at several Senate Finance Committee hearings.”

Throughout her involvement in NCCPAP, Carol made great connections, volunteered, and held various leadership positions for the Nassau/Suffolk chapter, where she served as President from 1993-1994 and nationally, where she served as President from 2003-2005. 


“I believe that I would have never had the career I’ve enjoyed if I hadn’t become involved with NCCPAP. It offered me a true community and the confidence to achieve success as a girl growing up in the 50’s – accomplishments that were nowhere on the radar for most women. Additionally, it offered me plum opportunities for meeting important and influential people. When I served on the IRS Advisory Council, I met some interesting and amazing people to say the least.”


NCCPAP Gold Awards are not to be taken lightly. In fact, they are not given out frequently. As NCCPAP celebrates its 41st Anniversary as an organization of ‘CPA practitioners helping CPA practitioners’, Carol has been recognized by her colleagues for her lifetime achievements not only as a CPA, but also as an advocate for the profession, mentor, expert, and selfless volunteer.

Carol testified at the Senate Finance Committee Hearing On Marginal Rate Reductions in 2001 and is quoted as follows, “The tax code is so complex and provides for so many phase-outs and deductions, that even a seasoned tax professional cannot sit down with a pencil, paper and calculator and prepare many tax returns or tax projections without the assistance of many charts and schedules.” In 2005, she testified at the Senate Subcommittee on Taxation and IRS Oversight, Blowing the Cover on the Stealth Tax: Exposing the Individual AMT. And again in 2010 at the Senate Finance Committee Hearing on The Future of Individual Tax Rates: Effects on Economic Growth and Distribution. Her topic was the phase-out of itemized deductions and personal exemptions, the so-called Pease and PEP provisions. And most recently, in 2015 again at the Senate Finance Committee Hearing. This time her topic was tax reform and tax simplification. She is quoted as follows, “Simplicity is a lofty goal in tax reform, but simplicity frequently leads to unfair outcomes. The simplest type of tax is a sales tax, but sales tax is the most regressive type of tax because it places the highest proportionate burden on those least able to pay taxes.”

Carol’s undergraduate degree is in mathematics, having previously worked in the computer industry, as a programmer. She took her first accounting course at a local community college and fell in love with it. Later she got her master’s degree in accounting from CW Post College of Management of Long Island University.

According to Carol, “While the business environment and economy have cycled up and down over the years, the important aspects of NCCPAP have not. We support one another as colleagues, not competitors.” She continues, “Today, very few young people are starting their own CPA firms. The young CPA entrepreneurs of today are first generation Americans who are more ambitious and motivated than their peers. The issue with organizations everywhere is sustaining and growing chapters. To be successful, you need ‘lightening rods’ to carry the torch—those individuals who feel responsible for the organization’s success and naturally take on leadership roles.”

Today, Carol still does tax work, but also has become an expert in guardianship accounting whereby she works with attorneys to prepare annual reports for the court. Her passion to be engaged in meaningful organizations has spilled over into her personal life with leadership positions at Planned Parenthood and her Temple. Carol explains, “This is who I am. I take the skills I learned through NCCPAP and apply them for the benefit of others.”



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A truly worthy recipient of this award. Carol has helped and inspired me and many others.