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By NCCPAP Staff posted 04-14-2021 01:22 PM


NCCPAP Leaders Highlighted in the Media

We’re being heard! NCCPAP is gaining more and more visibility in the media. Over the past several months, NCCPAP Board Members and our CPA member experts have been tapped as trusted sources for tax and regulatory information and advocacy. Some recent examples include:

April 9, 2021, New York Times
As featured in the Your Money Adviser Section, The Tax Filing Deadline Was Delayed, but Read the Fine Print
Our NCCPAP National President, Mark A. Stewart, Jr. was quoted alongside an IRS spokesperson on the topic of the first quarter deadlines being out of sync with the 2020 annual extension deadline and confusing to taxpayers. While a few states (like Maryland) changed their estimated tax deadlines, most did not, including PA, NJ, and NY.

April 7, 2021, Accounting Today
As featured in the Tax Season Section, A Midseason Update from the IRS
Our NCCPAP IRS liaison and tax committee co-chair, Stephen Mankowski, was featured pretty much word for word from our IRS monthly press release. He was also quoted on the topic mentioned above relative to the disparity between the two filing deadlines, along with mention of NCCPAP’s and AIPCA’s letters to Commissioner Rettig and the US Department of the Treasury.

March 26, 2021, Fox Business
As featured in the U.S. Economy Section, IRS Urged to Extend Tax-Filing Deadline Until June 15 Amid Concerns Over Backlogged Returns
Content from NCCPAP’s series of ‘Open Letters to Congress’, crafted by the Board and PR committee, comprised the entire article, quoting our press releases throughout.

March 25, 2021, Newsday
As featured in the Live Conversations Section, Your Income Tax Questions Answered
Robert N. Brown, President of the Nassau Suffolk Chapter was interviewed live in a Q&A format. You can hear the entire program by clicking on the link above.

In addition, we’re waiting to see the release of other members in the news on NPR Marketplace and in Bloomberg News, among others. If you have been featured in the news and have not been acknowledged, please let us know.


Very truly yours,

Neil H. Fishman, PR Committee Chair