Carol Markman, CPA Accounting Scholarship Awarded to Enerik Zenjelaj

By NCCPAP Staff posted 08-24-2023 01:33 PM


Celebrating Excellence: Congratulations to Enerik Zenjelaj, Winner of the Carol Markman, CPA Accounting Scholarship!

We are delighted to announce and extend our warmest congratulations to Enerik Zenjelaj, the deserving recipient of the esteemed Carol Markman, CPA Accounting Scholarship! Enerik's exceptional accomplishments, dedication, and passion for accounting have truly set him apart as an outstanding candidate for this prestigious award.

Enerik is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Accounting at CUNY Hunter College, where he has consistently demonstrated his commitment to academic excellence. With 18 credits already completed and a cumulative GPA of 3.616, Enerik's academic record is nothing short of remarkable, reflecting his unwavering dedication to his studies.

In addition to his outstanding academic achievements, Enerik possesses an impressive professional background. As an Auditor at CUNY Central Office, he has gained invaluable experience in auditing, accounting, and research. Moreover, his contributions as a Graduate Assistant at Hunter College and his roles in the finance sector showcase his versatility and commitment to making a positive impact in the accounting field.

Enerik's journey to success has not been without challenges, and we commend his determination and resilience in pursuing his academic and professional goals while also being a devoted father to his two children. His ability to balance personal responsibilities with his passion for learning makes him an exceptional role model for aspiring scholars within our community.

The Carol Markman, CPA Accounting Scholarship was established to support and empower promising students like Enerik in their pursuit of academic and professional excellence in the field of accounting. It is through the generosity and commitment of our members and supporters that we are able to recognize exceptional talents like Enerik and invest in the future of accounting and finance.

On behalf of the National Conference of CPA Practitioners, we extend our sincere appreciation to all those who contributed to the Carol Markman, CPA Accounting Scholarship. Your support plays a crucial role in helping students like Enerik achieve their dreams and make a positive impact on the accounting profession.

Once again, congratulations to Enerik Zenjelaj for being selected as the recipient of the Carol Markman, CPA Accounting Scholarship. We have no doubt that his passion, dedication, and talent will continue to lead him to great success in his academic and professional journey.

Please join us in celebrating Enerik's achievements and in wishing him the very best in all his future endeavors.


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08-24-2023 05:20 PM

Congratulations, Enerik!  Best of luck!  We look forward to seeing great things from you.