About Us


Through the combined efforts of our active members, NCCPAP allows small CPA firms and the sole practitioner to have a greater community impact and presence.

We give back through our local chapters and at the national level.  From the Girl Scouts to local food banks to offering college scholarships, NCCPAP is an organization that values community.

We are an accomplished group of CPA professionals who recognize our work is never finished.


The same reason NCCPAP became an organization forty years ago still exists today.


Small CPA firms help the government collect a significant source of its revenue. Our role in helping the country is invaluable, at times can seem daunting, yet through our experiences we've learned it's always better to work together. NCCPAP exists because of you and for you.

NCCPAP is about providing camaraderie, impacting policy, maintaining high ethical standards and ensuring our profession's best practices are always improving.  We are an accomplished group of CPA professionals who recognize our work is never finished.  We have many different practices and we have many years of experience, but as the National Conference of CPA Practitioners, we are one collective, powerful voice.

We've Been There... A CPA Practice Just Like Yours. We've grown, we've merged, we've sold and we've bought practices. We all remember the time when we were just starting out. One of our members has gone through the same changes you find yourself in the midst of right now.

We Are There... Facing Daily Challenges Like You. Tax law continues to grow more complicated and so do our clients' situations. At NCCPAP, we have clients who live in different states and even different countries. We have clients who need us everyday and those who call us once a year. We know what technology to use and effective methods for client retention. We are practitioners dedicated to being our best and helping our fellow CPAs do the same.


  • Access to a members-only database and an online forum of CPAs throughout the country
  • A place in a local chapter or the opportunity to form a chapter in your community
  • Quality CPE at reasonable rates
  • A subscription to our newsletter and email alerts reporting critical tax-related news
  • Discounts on many CPA-utilized services and products

Please contact us to learn more about membership or to find a local chapter near you.



The same reason NCCPAP became an organization over 35 years ago still exists today.  In 1979 a group of Certified Public Accountants saw the unique challenges they faced as practitioners of smaller firms and knew they needed an organized format through which they could help and be helped by professionals just like them.  Since that time, our membership has grown, the reach in what we offer has expanded, but our core purpose has remained the same.  We welcome you to join us: the national organization representing and supporting practicing CPAs.

Colleagues, Not Competitors.  From camaraderie to resources to attending NCCPAP events, our members know the value of each other.  Has your tax research ever given you an answer, but your intuition told you there might be a better one?  NCCPAP members collectively serve over one million clients and businesses throughout the United States.

Sometimes you're serving a client facing tax issues outside your resident state and advising on a situation you never faced before.  When you need to reach outside of your local NCCPAP chapter to find an answer, our online, members-only community will bring you instantly in touch with CPAs who can help you, even if geographically you are miles away.



Our advocacy work focuses on issues at the state and federal level, which affect small CPA firms and the middle-income and small business clients we diligently serve.

Whether we're on Capitol Hill or meeting IRS representatives, NCCPAP members not only provide valuable advice to government officials and representatives, but insights which are valued.

In fact, because we represent CPA firms who are "on the ground," NCCPAP members are often invited to weigh-in at Senate Roundtable discussions and IRS liaison meetings.



Use our name to help your practice thrive; we don't mind.  In fact, that's one of the reasons we exist.  When you take an active role in NCCPAP, it communicates to your clients that you care about your profession and staying current on our ever-changing tax code and financial reporting requirements.

NCCPAP is the format by which the press can reach out to the practicing CPA.  Many publications, like Bloomberg BNA's Daily Tax Report and Accounting Today publish our leaders' opinions because of the credibility of NCCPAP and its members.  Publications know tax law discussions occurring today will impact how small CPA firms handle their clients' concerns tomorrow.



We don't want to waste your time on meaningless CPE courses, because we don't want to waste ours.  We know that time away from your practice needs to be spent wisely.

Our volunteer leadership, comprised entirely of practicing CPAs in small firms, takes the time to plan up-to-date CPE courses.  Conveniently offered through our local chapters, we work to anticipate and present subjects of immediate value to our members.