How to Download from the Library

Only registrants of the meeting can access the library.

First, if you were previously in the website, please log out and exit. 

Start fresh by accessing the website
Sign In with your username and password.  Sign in button is a blue button located on the top right hand side of the home page.
On the home page, on the grey bar near the top of the page you will see HOME,  COMMUNITIES, CHAPTERS, DIRECTORY, EVENTS, BROWSE, etc.
Go to Communities,
         then go to My Communities,
find the name of the meeting you are registered for, click on it, and there is the library with any handouts for the registrants.

You can download and save or print them.

If there is nothing in the library yet, that means that the speakers have not yet supplied their handouts.  When handouts are made available to us, we add them to the library and notify the registrants by email.