Day 2

Course 2001 - Un-Stump the Sales Tax Audience

Friday, November 13 @ 8:00 AM
(2 TAX CPE) (2 CLE)

Mark L. Stone, CPA, MST; Joseph Calamia, Esq.

Between the new economic nexus rules and having to file sales tax returns in more states almost every professional can be left stumped. This course will explain and discuss many of the new rules and potential pitfalls of the new sales tax landscape.


Course 2002 - The Effect of Covid-19 on NYS and NYC Residency and Nexus

Friday, November 13 @ 8:00 AM
(2 TAX CPE) (2 CLE)

Yvonne R. Cort, Esq., Partner, Capell Barnett Matalon & Schoenfeld LLP; Brian Gordon, CPA, President, State Tax Audit Representation, Inc.; Timothy P. Noonan, Esq., Partner, Hodgson Russ LLP

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been widespread telecommuting and sheltering in place, at home or at another location. We will discuss case studies highlighting NYS and NYC domicile and statutory resident considerations, including day count. We will also discuss NYS nexus determinations, including withholding when employees work from home, and application of the convenience of the employer rule.


Course 2011 Keynote Session - Technology’s Role in Transforming the Profession

Friday, November 13 @ 10:10 AM
(1 Advisory CPE)

James C. Bourke, CPA, CITP, CFF, CGMA

In this keynote session, Jim will overview ways that firms are taking their technology expertise to the next level. As the profession continues to shift from compliance-based attest and tax as primary services offered to advisory, practitioners are quickly realizing that technology is the driving force behind these services.

Included in this session will be a discussion on some of the most widely accepted advisory services that firms are offering to their client base including, client accounting/outsourced CFO, cybersecurity, management advisory, industry-specific consulting (ie: healthcare), transactional advisory and the newest offering around data and data visualization using tools like Microsoft’s PowerBI.

Jim will also show how those providing traditional attest and tax services can transform their offerings to focus on advisory-based attest and tax services by leveraging the space they know – attest and tax.

Jim will share the logic and reasons behind this new (but really not so new) service offering and will also share links to content and videos created to dive deeper into this topic.

Jim will cover some of the best practices that he has witnessed within his own firm and throughout the profession, for firms of all sizes around the globe.


Course 2021 - IRS Update

Friday, November 13 @ 11:35 AM
(2 TAX CPE) (2 CLE) (2 IRS CE)

Beanna J. Whitlock, EA, CSA, RTRP

IRS operations during the pandemic, what it means as employees return to their stations, and what IRS is doing in areas of Customer Service, Exam, Collections and Appeals. will change how we interact with IRS. The Taxpayer First Act will be responsible for many of these changes.


Course 2022 - Nonprofit GAAP Update

Friday, November 13 @ 11:35 AM
(2 Accounting CPE)

Jeff Weiss, CPA, Partner, Zelenkofske, Axelrod CPAs

FASB has been very busy over the past four years. Several new Accounting Standards Updates (ASUs) have been issued and will be effective between 2020 and 2025. We will discuss the newest and upcoming ASUs affecting not-for-profit organizations.


Course 2023 - Calling All Tax Procrastinators: Using Voluntary Disclosure Programs to Neutralize New

Friday, November 13 @ 11:35 AM
(2 TAX CPE) (2 CLE) (2 IRS CE)

Scott Ahroni, CPA, J.D, LL.M (Taxation)

In light of the IRS’ recent audit campaigns aimed at high-net worth nonfilers and participants in the IRS’ Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, this seminar will discuss the IRS’ Updated Voluntary Disclosure Practice and other available offshore voluntary disclosure programs that the IRS offers to taxpayers with domestic, international information reporting and foreign earned income delinquencies. This seminar will also discuss State and Local voluntary disclosure programs that every CPA should be aware of to ensure their clients have all options available to them when deciding how best to come into compliance.

Course 2031 - Balancing Security and Business Agility in 2020 and Beyond

Tuesday, November 10 @ 1:35 PM
(1 SK CPE)

Armando D’Accordo, President, CMIT Solutions

Protecting your business and your customer data requires network security, remote workforce capabilities, employee training and multiple layers of security. In this session we will discuss essential elements required for all Tax and Accounting practices. Things have changed a lot, so please join me in discussing these important compliance and businesses protection topics.

Course 2032 - Advanced Retirement Planning Strategies after SECURE Act and CARES Act

Friday, November 13 @1:35 PM
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CFP)

Paresh Shah, CFP

The SECURE Act and then the CARES Act have brought changes to Retirement Plans and Retirement Planning. This has given rise to new strategies that can be used by business owners and individuals to do better in their retirement planning. Paresh will go over some of the changes due to the SECURE Act and the CARES Act along with strategies to take advantage of these changes to get better outcomes in retirement.

Course 2033 - Closing the Retirement Gap Utilizing Home Equity

Friday, November 13 @ 1:35 PM
(1 SK CPE) (1 CFP)

Robert Tollin, CRMP, CDLP

Whether you are looking to age in place in your current home or looking to right size to a new home, one should learn of the financing options geared to homeowners 62 and older.

Course 2041 - 1040 Update Part II

Friday, November 13 @ 2:55 PM
(2 TAX CPE) (2 CFP TP-F42) (2 CLE) (2 IRS CE)

Neil D. Katz, J.D., LL.M., CPA

These Sessions will cover the many Federal tax issues that have arisen during this difficult year of 2020. In addition to the Secure Act (passed in late 2019) and the CARES Act (passed in 2020 in response to COVID-19), the Federal Government has been busy addressing issues that still linger from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. During this seminar we will focus on these changes to prepare you for your planning discussions with your clients as their fiscal years come to an end and you ready yourselves and your clients for filing their 2020 individual returns.

Part 1 - Course 1041 - Tuesday, November 10th @ 2:55 PM


Course 2042 - Disaster Planning

Friday, November 13 @ 2:55 PM

Gerard H. Schreiber, Jr., CPA

The COVID 19 Pandemic, increasing number of natural disasters, and continuing legislative changes are bringing about changes in the dynamics of traditional planning in taxation and especially for disasters.

Conventional planning methods and techniques may not serve the needs of clients for these changing circumstances.

This session will look at the considerations for practitioners in analyzing client needs and offer considerations for future planning.


Course 2043 - FASB and AICPA Updates

Friday, November 13 @ 2:55 PM
(1 Accounting CPE) (1 Auditing CPE)

Alexander K. Buchholz, CPA, MBA, CGMA

Learn about recent and upcoming accounting and auditing developments. In this session, you will take a deeper dive into new and proposed accounting and auditing standards. Topics include the lease accounting standards update, accounting for contributions received and made, revenue recognition standards, and other important accounting and auditing standards.


Course 2051 - Hear Directly From the IRS About IRS Tax Collection

Friday, November 13 @ 4:55 PM
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CLE) (1 IRS CE)

Karen J. Tenenbaum, Esq., LL.M. (Tax); Kevin Kelly, Darol Tucker (Manhattan Local Taxpayer Advocate), Gary T. Bove

A distinguished panel of experienced tax attorneys, the Manhattan Local Taxpayer Advocate and the IRS Northeast Collections Representative will discuss perspectives about IRS Collection. Gain insight about the IRS procedural challenges created by the pandemic effecting taxpayer’s rights, the State of the Taxpayer Advocate Service, and Collection Alternatives.


Course 2052 - Multi-State Taxation-How Does Working from Home Affect Income Taxes In California

Friday, November 13 @ 4:55 PM

Shawn Flattery, CPA

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of owners and employees into working from home. Shawn Flattery will guide you through the legal maze of income tax ramifications that your clients may face with owners and/or employees now working in different tax jurisdictions in the state of California.


Course 2053 - Update on Compilation and Preparation Services: How Accountants Should be Handling Suc

Friday, November 13 @ 4:55 PM
(1 Accounting CPE)

Frank A. Gallo, CPA, Edward P. Caine, MBA, CPA, CFF, CITP, CGMA

We will discuss what accountants are doing when they provide Compilation or Preparation services for their clients. We will review what needs to be included in the financial statements they issue under these standards.