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All sessions are for 2 CE credits unless otherwise indicated.

Course 1011

Keynote Session​
(1.5 MAP CPE) (1.5 SK CPE)

James C. Bourke, CPA, WithumSmith+Brown
Mark X. Cronin
John Lee Cronin

You must attend this session for a full day's credit.

The State of Technology in the Profession
James C. Bourke, CPA, WithumSmith+Brown
In this CPE session, Jim Bourke will discuss a number of hottest technology trends and issues in the profession and actively get the attendees involved in the session.

To keep competitive, today’s CPA professionals need to be in a position to react instantaneously to client needs and concerns. Technology plays a huge role in meeting client expectations on a timely basis.

Jim will discuss a range of technologies from tax, digital signatures, return collaboration with clients, practice management, outsourced client accounting to the pros and cons of doing business in the cloud from private to vendor to public cloud platforms. He’ll also spend a significant amount of time focusing on security and privacy best practices and share some cyber-tips in data and password protection to help make your practice and your clients’ a little “more” secure.

In addition, Jim will share his thoughts on why and how the audit is changing forever! Blockchain is coming. He’ll show you what you should be doing now to prepare for this impact and he’ll also share some of the best tools available today to take your audit to the next level and by default, show you how to increase realization and profitability.

Turning Diversity into a Strength and Showing How A Social Enterprise Can Fulfill a Social and Business Mission
John’s Crazy Socks, Co-Founders, Mark X. Cronin and John Lee Cronin
We will tell the story of John’s Crazy Socks, how John, a high school student with Down syndrome, had an idea to sell crazy socks and grew it into a multi-million dollar business with a mission to spread happiness and show what people with differing abilities can accomplish.

Course 1021

IRC Section 199A - Who Gets It, How Do They Get It and What Do They Do with It?
(TAX CPE) (CLE) (2 IRS CE G1U2N-T-00161-18-I) (CFP TP-F42)

Beanna J. Whitlock, EA, CSA, RTRP

A condensed version offered at course 2021

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018, while it eliminated IRC 199, the Domestic Production Activity Deduction, it is the largest sweeping tax legislation in 30 years. Learn what businesses the 199A, known as the 20 per cent deduction will apply. Identify clients that are Specified vs. Non-specified and what the differences mean. Determine the requirements of the 199A deduction and how correct tax planning can eliminate obstacles. Discover a "gift" for businesses that will benefit them in the reduction of income.

Course 1022

Current Developments in Preparations, Compilations, and Reviews
(A & A CPE)

Frank A. Gallo, CPA, Edward P. Caine, MBA, CPA, CFF, CITP, CGMA

We will review the SSARS Standards and discuss how these standards affect your practice. Discuss when the accountant is engaged to prepare financial statements, but not engaged to perform an audit, review or compilation. We will provide practical examples that can be immediately used. Discuss documentation requirements for compilations, review prospective and proforma financial statements. Discuss reporting requirements on compiled reviewed or prepared financial statements. Included will be a discussion on the latest Peer review requirements in NYS and PA.

Course 1024

New York State Residency Audits - Make the Days Count

Karen J. Tenenbaum, Esq., LL.M. (Tax) CPA; Marisa M. Friedrich, Esq.; Leo Gabovich, Esq.

This presentation will educate practitioners about NYS residency issues and matters that impact snowbirds. Taxpayers who own or rent residential property outside New York State and continue to maintain a home in New York State or New York City may be targets for residency audits by the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance. These audits may lead to large tax bills for multiple years, with interest and penalties. Discover the importance of planning ahead.

Course 1025

Down Goes Quill – Internet Sales Tax

Mark L. Stone, CPA, MST; Jennifer Koo, Esq.; Jessica Cettina, Esq.

In this seminar Mark L. Stone will speak about the repercussions that may occur now that the U.S Supreme Court overturned the Quill v. North Dakota case. Topics will include the new definition of nexus, how online retailers will be affected state to state, & steps that can be taken to avoid massive sales tax headaches.

Course 1026

Estate Planning, Trusts and Asset Protection: Impact of the 2017 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act
(TAX CPE) (CLE) (2 IRS CE G1U2N-T-00162-18-I) (CFP EP-H65)

Donna M. Stefans, Esq., AIF; Marilyn Stefans, EA, CFP®; Henry Grabkowitz, EA

Discussion will explore various types of trusts, estate planning documents, Durable Power of Attorney and Medical Directives. It will include insights and practical information for taxation, gifting pitfall and myths of asset protection.

Course 1031 (Lunch Program)

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage to Purchase
(1 SK CPE) (1 CFP GB-B16)

Robert Tollin & Ilene Rosen, Mortgage Consultants with ICG

Learn about the financing options that give seniors flexibility of not having to make a mortgage payment with HECM for purchase financing.

Course 1032 (Lunch Program)

Forget The New Tax Law?
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CLE) (1 CFPEP-H72)

Robert S. Barnett, CPA, Esq., Gregory L. Matalon, Esq.

"The corn is as high as an elephant’s eye" and so are the estate exemptions. Why do anything? Join us for our annual Estate Planning and Q&A luncheon including many topics: Reduce Income Taxes, Basis Planning, Second Marriages, Asset Protection, Special Needs & Eldercare. Learn how to use a QTIP for more than just cleaning your ears and how to make your old Wills new again!

Course 1033 (Lunch Program)

Illegal Immigration and Taxes: Recent Changes Affect Available Deductions and Credits for Dependents
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CLE)

Dr. Joseph Foy, CPA; Dr. Frimette Kass-Schraibman, CPA

Prior to the TCJA of 2017, under certain conditions illegal aliens could be claimed as a dependent on individual tax returns. Although the TCJA eliminated the dependency deduction, the new law does allow individuals to claim qualifying illegal aliens tax credits. CPAs may want to familiarize themselves with the issue as illegal aliens reside in nearly every community across the U.S. This presentation discusses these claims.

Course 1034 (Lunch Program)

Are You a QBO Hero?
(1 SK CPE)

James N. Filicetti, CPA

The switch is on from any software to QuickBooks Online. In this interactive session, learn how to seek knowledge in understanding the depth and breadth of the conversion process between QB Desktop and QB Online. Learn proven methods from your peers to make you and your firm more profitable by adopting methods you will experience. Be the next QBO Hero to your clients.

Course 1035 (Lunch Program)

The Ripple Effects of Fraud
(1 A & A CPE) (1 CLE) (1 CFE)*

Robin Cramer, CPA/CFF, CFE

The impact of fraud can be devastating on many levels, not just to the bottom line, but to the sustainability of the business itself. The longer it goes undetected, the harder it is to recover, if at all. I will discuss the impact of various types of frauds through case studies and discuss the critical role each of you have as your clients’ most trusted advisors.

*NCCPAP does not issue CFE credits – Attendee is responsible for applying for CFE after taking the class.

Course 1036 (Lunch Program)

Goal Setting - Personal and Professional: What’s Your Vision?
Karen Tenenbaum, Esq. LL.M. (Tax), CPA, Belinda DiGiambattista, Choose your Metric, and Donyshia Boston-Hill, Keeper of the Brand

Karen Tenenbaum, breaks down goal setting approaches into clear, simple and structured steps- supported by visual charts and resources. Karen explains how to both define and track your goals and demonstrates how you can use this goal setting method to achieve and maintain success in both your personal and professional life. She will also discuss the role that Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) play in tracking progress toward your goals. Belinda DiGiambattista of Choose Your Metric, hones in on the process of setting your vision by choosing purposeful metrics. Donyshia Boston- Hill will discuss a marketing approach for accountants.

Course 1037 Just Lunch

No Program - Just Lunch

Course 1041

1040 Update Part 1
(TAX CPE) (CLE) (CFP TP-F42) (2 IRS CE G1U2N-U-00163-18-I)

Neil Katz, J.D., LL.M, CPA

Course continues at 1051 and repeats at 2041

This presentation will focus on the changes that affect the preparation of the 2018 Form 1040, including a complete discussion of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the regulations and pronouncements that have been issued to address the provisions of the Act. In addition, there will be a discussion of the latest developments that affect the preparation of the 2018 Federal Income Tax Return.

Course 1042

Defined Benefit Plans Do Double Duty: Eligibility for Qualified Business Income Deduction and Post-Retirement Medical

Stephen Abramson, CPC, CLU, ChFC

This session will illustrate how a qualified plan can assist high income pass through entities in satisfying eligibility for the QBI deduction under IRC Sect 199A. The qualified plan deduction helps to reduce QBI below the phase out amount for the QBI deduction and can be designed to be flexible from year to year. The little known Post-Retirement medical account is attached to a defined benefit plan with limits equal to one third of the defined benefit contribution annually and can provide benefits for almost 100 medical services including Long Term Care to the participant, participant’s spouse and dependents.

Course 1043

2018 State and Local Tax Update

Harlan J. Kwiatek, CPA, JD, LL.M., CPA

This session will address the intersection of the states’ responses to TCJA and the SCOTUS’s decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair.

Course 1045

Real Estate Tax Deductions That Most Tax Professionals Are STILL Missing For Their Clients
(TAX CPE) (CLE)  (2 IRS CE G1U2N-T-00164-18-I)

Eric P. Christenson, Cost Segregation Services, Inc.

During this program, we will go over:

  • Capital to Expense Reversal?
  • Asset Disposition?
  • Ratio Test for medium to large expensing decisions?

Bring in your Depreciation Schedules with cost basis over $200K and we will identify all of these potential tax deductions. Workshop setting discussion will identify these overlooked deductions.

Course 1046

Sales Tax Nightmares You Didn’t Know You Had

Mark L. Stone, CPA, MST; Joseph Calamia, Esq., CPA

In this 100 minute seminar Mark L. Stone will go over the most commonly overlooked sales tax mistakes. Topics that will be discussed in this seminar will range from catering to contracting, use tax collection, manufacturing exemptions and hotel occupancy tax rules.

Course 1047

IRS-Preparing an Innocent Spouse Request, Appeals and Litigating the Case in U.S. Tax Court in a Nutshell
(TAX CPE) (CLE) (CFP TP-F50) (2 IRS CE G1U2N-T-00165-18-I)

Hana Boruchov, Esq.; Frank Agostino, Esq.; Noelle Geiger, Esq.

This panel will be discussing practice tips for filing Innocent Spouse requests, filing an appeal and the basics of the Tax Court process including preparing a petition, filing Tax Court forms, pre-trial meetings, likelihood of settlement pre-trial, preparing your case for trial, post- trial filings and the decision.

Course 1051

1040 Update Part 2
(TAX CPE) (CLE) (CFP TP-F42) (2 IRS CEG1U2N-U-00166-18-I)

Neil Katz, J.D., LL.M, CPA

Course repeats at 2051

This is a continuation of Course 1041

Course 1052

New York’s Response to TCJA and Other Hot Topics

Mark S. Klein, Esq., Joseph N. Endres, Esq.

Course repeats at 2011

This seminar will cover the latest developments in New York State's 2018-19 budget bill, including NY’s response and implementation of the TCJA. We will discuss the SALT cap workarounds, while also highlighting new decisions, rulings, and administrative releases affecting New York's personal income, sales and corporate taxes, as well as the impact of recent Tax Department and Attorney General enforcement initiatives. Finally, we will review recent changes in New York’s Abandoned Property law and enforcement.

Course 1053

The Accountant’s Roll in Divorce Litigation

Anthony Basile, CPA

This session will discuss the financial and tax aspects of divorce and what the CPA should know regarding the process and expectations from the income tax, valuation, and forensic accounting perspectives. We will discuss the aspects of litigation support including expert witness and testimony.

Course 1055

Top Medicaid Misconceptions

Aaron E. Futterman, CPA, Esq.

The common Medicaid misconceptions will be revealed and corrected. The benefits and legalities of planning in advance will be described along with how to be resourceful when there is a crisis in your client’s family. The new tax law’s effect on elder law and estate planning will be addressed.

Course 1056

Ethical Issues in Tax Practice
(TAX CPE) (2 IRS CE ETHICS G1U2N-E-00167-18-I)

Megan L. Brackney, Esq.

This program will discuss the professional and ethical standards in Circular 230, the AICPA Statements on Standards for Tax Services, and the Internal Revenue Code. We will discuss standards for return positions, what to do when you learn about a client’s error or omission, the rules governing practice before the IRS, and other professional ethical issues. This program also will include a discussion of the civil and criminal penalties that can apply to return preparers and tax practitioners.

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All sessions are for 2 CE credits unless otherwise indicated.