Day 3

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All sessions are for 2 CE credits unless otherwise indicated.

Course 3001 Keynote Session

You must attend this session for a full day's credit.

Annual Survey of Income and Expense (ASIE)
(1.5 TAX CPE)

Nassau County Executive, Laura Curran and County Assessor, David F. Moog, IAO

To value Tax Class 4 properties accurately the Department of Assessment utilizes an income approach for valuations. The (ASIE) provides the Assessor with the necessary background information of both income and expense to create more accurate values. Our goal is to educate the Tax Preparation specialist.

Course 3011

TCJA 2019 – Losses and Carryforwards
(TAX CPE) (CLE) (CFP TP-F50) (IRS CE G1U2N-T-00203-19-I)

Robert S. Barnett, CPA, JD, MS (Taxation)

Course repeats at 3051

In 2018 we had our first experience with 199A – and what fun it was. 2019 is the first year when we have to include many of the calculations. We will review various different applications of the new law. Negative QBI will be compared to Excess Business losses and the required carryforwards. Net operating loss calculations will also be discussed.

Course 3012

IRA Distribution Rules and the Potential (or Actual) Impact of the SECURE Act
(TAX CPE) (CFP RS-G60) (CLE) (IRS CE G1U2N-T-00204-19-I)

Neil Katz, J.D., LL.M, CPA

As savings in qualified plan accounts have become a more significant part of client’s wealth and their estates, understanding the rules that apply to those accounts is often a paramount concern. With Congress working toward the passage of the SECURE Act, the landscape surrounding retirement account distribution planning is about to change, significantly. This session will focus on the rules that apply to the beneficiaries of IRAs after the death of the account owner and the options that are available. Included will be a discussion of the potential impact (or actual impact, if passed prior to the Symposium) of the SECURE Act on lifetime distributions and post-death distributions from IRAs and Roth IRAs.

Course 3013

How to Fight Albany: Disputing a Sales Tax Assessment

Mark L. Stone, CPA,; Jennifer Koo, Esq.; Jessica Cettina

This presentation will discuss what to do once a sales tax assessment has been issued. It will explain how to go through the appeals process from a BCMS hearing all the way to presenting oral arguments before the Tax Appeals Tribunal.

Course 3014

Accounting & Auditing Issues for 2019
(A & A CPE)

Frank A. Gallo, CPA, Stephen Franciosa, CPA

This session will provide you with an overview of the recent changes to accounting and auditing standards. It will enable you to understand the requirements of the new standards and how they will affect your practice. We will also discuss common implementation issues found in accounting and auditing standards. We will also discuss what procedures your firm needs to put in place to implement these standards.

Course 3015

Using Desktop Tax Software In Your Cloud Based Firm

Kevin Reinard, Senior Product Specialist

Implement a tax workflow in your office using both cloud-based products as well as desktop software. Using Lacerte® or Pro-series in a hosted environment allows you to streamline the tax prep process, save time and collaborate with staff.

Course 3021

Aggregation for 199A
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CLE) (1 CFP TP-F42) (1 IRS CE G1U2N-T-00206-19-I)

Robert S. Barnett, CPA, JD, MS (Taxation)

The final 199A regulations changed the aggregation rules and made it a little easier for clients to maximize the 199A deduction. We will discuss the rules and how to make aggregation work for your clients. Aggregation for real estate entities will also be included.

Course 3022

Captive Insurance: Helping Businesses Protect Their Assets
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CFP RM-D22)

Mark Badami, CFP, CLTC and Pamela Romano, National Coordinator, ICA.

Captives are an excellent vehicle for risk control, wealth accumulation, and improved cash flow, while minimizing insurance costs. For the last 60 years the U. S. Government has permitted companies to establish insurance companies in order to be prepared for multiple threats against their business while turning unrecoverable cost into solid profit!

During this session you will learn how this technical strategy can be utilized in a simplistic and helpful way with your clients to create large tax leveraged incentives.

Course 3023

Now is the Time to Sell The Family Business-The State of the Market
(1 SK CPE)

Anthony J. Citrolo, CPA/CMAA/CBI and Tony Calvacca, CBI

Private Equity groups and Synergistic buyers are paying high values in this seller’s market. We will discuss the state of the market for privately held business owners and why the timing is perfect to sell the family business.

Course 3024

Kress v. United States: A Gamechanger for Business Valuations
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CLE)

Anthony Basile, PhD, CPA, CFE, CVA

In March 2019, the US District Court – Eastern District of Wisconsin, issued a decision that contradicts 20 plus years of decisions regarding valuations and is certainly a step in the right direction for the business valuation industry who have been advocating for the C to S method for almost 20 years. This presentation will discuss the implications the decision of Kress v. US has going forward.

Course 3025

Wayfair – 1 Year Later: The Fall Out
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CLE)

Mark L. Stone, CPA; Joseph Calamia II, CPA.; Bryan DeMarchis II, MBA

The US Supreme Court changed the world of sales tax when it ruled that economic nexus laws are constitutional. One year later, what are the effects? Are new laws a burden on small shops? How are companies responding? These questions will be answered.

Course 3026

Peer Review Rescue

Mark S. Lilling, CPA

The Course is designed for practitioners who are subject to or expect to be subject to peer review.

Content identifies what firms are subject to peer review, the process, types of peer review reports that are issued, and the different matters identified in reports.

Course 3031 (Lunch Program)

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Dan Fusco, IT Consultant, InnerPC Computer Solutions

Securing data for your client’s information has never been more important. Everyday CPA firms are targets of cyber-crime because of the important data they contain for their clients.

In this Seminar you will learn the risks and benefits of cloud computing and its role in cyber-security. By the end of this session, you will leave with 7 steps to secure your company’s data.

Course 3032 (Lunch Program)

Divorce & Innocent Spouse
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CLE) (1 CFP TP-F47) (1 IRS CE G1U2N-T-00206-19-I)

Yvonne R Cort, Esq. and Sandra Radna, Esq.

What is involved in a successful NYS or IRS innocent spouse request? What tips can you give your divorcing client to protect their finances? This interactive presentation highlights important tax issues and strategies when divorce enters the relationship.

Course 3033 (Lunch Program)

Coins, Currency, Gems and Jewels
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CLE) (1 CFP ESP-H72)

Robert Simon, President, Simon Rarities, Inc., Mark Schimel, Coin Appraiser, Gregory L. Matalon, Esq.

They shine and glitter and line our safe deposit boxes; but don’t forget, collectibles are often an important part of our estates. We will discuss important tax and administration issues unique to these assets.

Course 3034 (Lunch Program)

The 4x Formula: How to Boost Growth and Profit in 2020

Damien Greathead, VP, Business Development, Receipt Bank

Tax season doesn’t have to be late nights, chasing clients and paperwork. With a few simple steps, you can streamline your tax preparation process saving you time and money. Your clients, your team, and your profit margins will love you for it.

Recent research shows that digital firms grow four times faster than non-digital firms. With the year-end just around the corner, now is the perfect time to implement a new strategy to take advantage of AI and machine learning. In this session, we will discuss the value that technology implementation can bring to your firm. You’ll discover how you can cut your tax prep and bookkeeping time in half, while providing a referral worthy service to your clients.

Learning Objectives: Understand new ways to collect the items you need from your clients without chasing; How to automate your internal processes; The trick to leveraging technology to widen your profiting margins, and delight your clients.

Course 3035 (Lunch Program)

The Importance of Tax Research

Jacob Meyer, Business Development, Tax Materials, Inc.

Do you prefer to research tax questions online, a book, or another means? We will discuss pros and cons of each option while applying them to real life situations. Learn how to save time researching tax questions and effectively explain tax concepts to your clients. A “how to” discussion on ways to utilize your complimentary TheTaxBook will conclude the course.

Course 3036 (Lunch Program)

Best Practices/Pitfalls in Transitioning to Cloud Accounting

Irene Wachsler, CPA

This seminar will discuss best practices and pitfalls to avoid when transitioning your client to Cloud / Online Accounting Programs. Focus on QuickBooks Online and Xero as well as other app integration / solutions for financial reporting, bill payment, invoicing, online payments.

Course 3037 Just Lunch

No Program - Just Lunch

Course 3041

No Taxation without (Defense) Representation

Joseph T. Conley III, Esq., Attorney-in-Charge, Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office; James O. Druker, Esq.; Robert S. Barnett, Esq., CPA; Andrea Parness, CPA; Yvonne R. Cort, Esq.

A panel of attorneys and accountants representing the prosecution and defense will have a moderated discussion of criminal tax investigations in New York.  The panel will provide insight for tax professionals by reviewing criminal tax laws and how cases are initiated, prosecuted, defended and resolved. Discussion will include the accountant’s role and best practices.

Course 3042

Business Valuation – The Insider’s Scoop

Nannette Watts, CPA/ABV/CFF

An appraisal expert’s favorite answer is, “It depends.” Touching on the science, with more focus on the art, this session will explore traditional business valuation topics from a practical approach with a focus on the relevance to smaller businesses to offer some insight about why it really does depend on the specific circumstances.

Course 3043

Smarter Social Security

Daniel G. Mazzola, CFA, CPA

An AARP survey determined that only half of its respondents who were either married or who had ever been married were aware that Social Security spousal benefits were available. This presentation will provide a broad overview of the Social Security program as it pertains to retirees and their beneficiaries while emphasizing spousal and survivor benefits. These auxiliary benefits will be examined and attendees will learn how to optimize payouts using a simple strategy.

Course 3044

Medicaid Elder Law and the CPA: How to Identify Clients that Can Benefit from Medicaid Programs

Aaron E. Futterman, CPA, Esq.

We will educate CPA’s about different Medicaid programs and benefits available and how to identify clients that would benefit from receiving Medicaid. We will discuss changes and updates in Medicaid laws over the last several years. Finally, we will discuss how the probate process and Medicaid intersect and affect each other.

Course 3045

New York City Real Property Tax Appeals

Eric W. Olson, Partner, Akerman LLP

This program examines the New York City real property tax appeal process (aka "tax certiorari"), including review of the tax appeal calendar and procedure, Department of Finance notices, and Tax Commission forms. Applicable valuation methods and financial analysis techniques are discussed and presented, as well as special issues related to tax-exempt/abated and leased properties.

Course 3046

Opportunity Zones, Delaware Statutory Trusts, and Other Alternatives to 1031 Exchanges Under the TCJA

Mark E. Wilensky, Partner, Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein & Breitstone, LLP;
*Fortitude Investment Group - Roy V. Pfleger, Chief Operating Officer & Financial Consultant & Daniel P. Raupp, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

A discussion on the intricacies of the DST (Delaware Statutory Trust) & QOF (Qualified Opportunity Funds) and how these programs should be considered as a potential solution for those considering a 1031 exchange or anticipating a transaction that results in a significant capital gain.

*Fortitude Investment Group, LLC (FIG) offers securities through Concorde Investment Services, LLC (CIS), member FINRA/SIPC; advisory services offered through Concorde Asset Management, LLC (CAM), an SEC registered investment adviser; and insurance products offered through Concorde Insurance Agency, Inc. (CIA). FIG is independent of CIS, CAM and CIA, all of whom are unaffiliated with aforementioned companies. This is for informational purposes only and not an offer to buy or sell any investments.

Course 3051

TCJA 2019 – Losses and Carryforwards
(TAX CPE) (CLE) (CFP TP-F47) (IRS CE G1U2N-T-00203-19-I)

Robert S. Barnett, CPA, JD, MS (Taxation)

Repeat of course 3011

In 2018 we had our first experience with 199A – and what fun it was. 2019 is the first year when we have to include many of the calculations. We will review various different applications of the new law. Negative QBI will be compared to Excess Business losses and the required carryforwards. Net operating loss calculations will also be discussed.

Course 3052

Mortgages Comings and Goings

Robert Tollin and John Iannuzzi

Two experienced mortgage banking veterans will bring us up to date on qualifications, underwriting and approvals for both traditional forward mortgages and reverse mortgages. Through the use of case studies and attendees’ questions you will see a broad range of challenges and problems solved.

Course 3053

Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies: Understanding These Technologies and Their Impact on Financial Investigations and Forensic Accounting
(A & A CPE) (CLE)

Nicholas G. Himonidis, J.D., CFE, CCFS

This program will provide a basic understanding of how cryptocurrencies and blockchains operate and discuss their impact on financial investigations and forensic accounting; including tips and techniques on identifying their potential use, tracing transactions, and strategies to tie crypto assets and transactions to specific individuals / entities.

Course 3054

What’s New in Lacerte

David McMinn, CPA

Get ready for tax season with the best tips and tricks from Intuit Lacerte! See the new features and functionality that have been added for 2019, including both tax specific and program operational enhancements.

Course 3055

The Future of Accounting Technology: Preparing for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Kristoffer Røil, Co-Founder & COO, VIC.AI Inc.

Create an accounting firm that wins the best clients while retaining valued staff.  Learn best practices for and advantages of integrating artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning AI into your accounting firm.

Course 3056

Estate Planning, Trusts, Asset Protection and Medicaid Myths

Donna M. Stefans, Esq.; Marilyn Stefans, CFP, E.A., Henry Grabkowitz, E.A

Repeat of course 1046

Discussion will explore various types of trusts, estate planning documents, Durable Power of Attorney and Medical Directives. It will include insights and practical information for taxation, gifting pitfall and Medicaid myths of asset protection.

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All sessions are for 2 CE credits unless otherwise indicated.